Congregational Prayer & Rulings on Leading the Prayer

21 Praying behind an imam who commits some sins. 46557
22 Is it permissible for a man to lead one woman in prayer?. 46524
23 Ruling on the imam saying to the congregation, “Pray Pray like a man bidding farewell”. 45622
24 The imam’s pronunciation is defective, and some of the members of the congregation are hiding the fact that they have more knowledge of Qur’aan. 43737
25 Reconciling the ahaadeeth about how many times better praying in congregation is than praying alone. 43147
26 Ruling on praying with these people. 42629
27 Prohibition on stepping over people who are sitting in the mosque on Friday. 41731
28 Praying Maghrib behind one who is praying ‘Isha’. 40598
29 Should a traveller offer the prayers in shortened form in his house or pray in congregation in the mosque?. 40299
30 He offers all the obligatory prayers in the mosque except for Fajr. What is the ruling on that?. 40150
31 Praying behind ibaadis and innovators. 40147
32 Ruling on prayer in congregation for men. 40113
33 Ruling on a woman leading men in prayer. 39188
34 Jumu’ah is obligatory for everyone in the city even if they do not hear the adhaan. 39054
35 Is it permissible to step over people in order to go back to one’s spot?. 38890
36 Is it obligatory to pray jamaa’ah in a mosque that is far from the house?. 38881
37 Loudspeakers should not be used outside the mosque for the prayer. 38521
38 Is there more reward if the congregation is greater?. 38194
39 Ruling on following the imam from the house. 37695
40 It is makrooh to interlace one's fingers when going out to pray, until one has prayed. 36801