Congregational Prayer & Rulings on Leading the Prayer

41 Commentary on the hadeeth “People will persist in falling back until Allaah puts them back”. 34852
42 Soundness of the Hadeeth “Whoever persists in saying the first takbeer at the beginning of Fajr prayer for forty days…”?. 34605
43 Can we testify that a man is a believer if he regularly attends prayers in the mosque?. 34593
44 Bringing worshippers closer together so as to join them in the row. 34160
45 Following the imam in prayer. 33790
46 If the iqaamah is given when he is praying naafil. 33582
47 Ruling on selling pottery and the ruling on praying in the store. 32730
48 Joining prayers because of rain. 31172
49 Should he join the imam after he stands up from rukoo’ in the last rak’ah, or wait for the second jamaa’ah?. 31029
50 He prayed on his own and leading others when he was junub; what does he have to do?. 27091
51 The imaam was accused of reciting Qur’aan incorrectly; what is the status of past prayers?. 27049
52 It is better for workers to hasten to pray when they hear the adhaan. 26201
53 Imaam with a beautiful voice that motivates the worshippers. 26154
54 Questions about an imam. 26152
55 When should the one who is praying behind an imam move?. 26144
56 What the latecomer who joins the prayer with the imam catches up with is the first part of his prayer. 23426
57 He is tired after work and does not want to pray in congregation. 22326
58 Ruling on praying in congregation with a Raafidi. 22033
59 What is the distance within which it is obligatory to pray in the mosque?. 21969
60 One who joined the prayer late leading another. 21765