Congregational Prayer & Rulings on Leading the Prayer

61 Praying behind followers of bid’ah, whether that bid’ah amounts to kufr or not. 20885
62 Joining prayers because of rain. 31172
63 Not praying in congregation because of sickness. 13406
64 Is it obligatory to pray jamaa’ah in a mosque that is far from the house?. 38881
65 Ruling on praying in congregation with a Raafidi. 22033
66 Praying behind ibaadis and innovators. 40147
67 Should he join the imam after he stands up from rukoo’ in the last rak’ah, or wait for the second jamaa’ah?. 31029
68 Ruling on following the imam from the house. 37695
69 Can a woman say “Ameen” out loud when she is praying with her husband at home?. 9063
70 It is better for a woman to pray in her house than in the mosque. 8868
71 Praying in the musalla when there is a mosque nearby. 21345
72 If the imam makes a mistake in his recitation, and there is no one praying with him except a woman, what should she do?. 9279
73 The evidence that it is obligatory to offer prayers in congregation in the mosque. 8918
74 If the imam did not intend to lead the prayer, then people come and he leads them. 3189
75 Who is most entitled to lead the prayer?. 20219
76 Problem of cell phones ringing in the mosque. 10193
77 Imaam with a beautiful voice that motivates the worshippers. 26154
78 When should the one who is praying behind an imam move?. 26144
79 Ruling on not letting drivers pray in congregation. 21609
80 He hears the call to prayer but he does not respond. 10292