Congregational Prayer & Rulings on Leading the Prayer

61 Ruling on the prayer of one who prays a fard prayer behind one who is praying a naafil prayer. 21764
62 It is not permissible for one who is praying behind an imaam to recite anything other than al-Faatihah. 21717
63 Ruling on not letting drivers pray in congregation. 21609
64 Prayer in congregation is obligatory for both travellers and non-travellers. 21498
65 Praying in the musalla when there is a mosque nearby. 21345
66 One who comes into the mosque joining one who has stood up to complete the rak’ahs he missed. 21009
67 Praying behind followers of bid’ah, whether that bid’ah amounts to kufr or not. 20885
68 What is the distance within which it is obligatory to pray in the mosque?. 20655
69 If there are two who came late to the prayer can one of them be an imam and lead the other?. 20271
70 Who is most entitled to lead the prayer?. 20219
71 Praying in scattered groups in a workplace musalla. 20150
72 Ruling on praying behind a Shi’i. 20093
73 Women leading prayers. 14247
74 An imam leads the Muslims in prayer and they dislike him, and he knows that. 13766
75 Where should a woman stand when she prays in jamaa’ah with her husband?. 13757
76 Those who are in charge of the mosque are falling short in their religious commitment; should he stop praying there?. 13746
77 How should one person who is following the imaam stand in relation to the imaam?. 13678
78 Status of the imam in Islam. 13474
79 Is it acceptable for a rebellious sinner to lead the prayers?ذ. 13465
80 Not praying in congregation because of sickness. 13406