Congregational Prayer & Rulings on Leading the Prayer

81 Leading the prayers by one who does not do rukoo’ properly. 13360
82 The member of the congregation has to follow his imam with regard to matters that are subject to ijtihaad. 12585
83 Where should a woman stand when leading other women in prayer, and the preference for women to pray in their homes. 12451
84 Praying behind someone who works in a riba-based bank. 12285
85 When women get together, is it better for them to pray in jamaa’ah or individually?. 12093
86 He recites the soorah after al-Faatihah quietly so that the congregation can recite al-Faatihah. 12044
87 Praying behind someone who makes amulets. 12000
88 Praying behind an incapacitated imam. 11465
89 Faasiq (evildoer) leading the prayer. 11433
90 Ruling on a smoker leading prayers. 11412
91 Praying behind the row on one's own. 11199
92 An imaam who has a problem with pronunciation. 10982
93 He hears the call to prayer but he does not respond. 10292
94 Problem of cell phones ringing in the mosque. 10193
95 A boy leading a woman in prayer and vice versa. 9933
96 Prolonging the last sujood is an action that is not prescribed in Islam. 9856
97 Preceding the imaam in the prayer. 9843
98 Ruling on woman being imaam for men. 9783
99 Should she pray behind her husband who is clean-shaven and lets his garment hang down below his ankles?. 9634
100  Ruling on praying behind someone who smokes cigarettes and the narghile. 9596