Congregational Prayer & Rulings on Leading the Prayer

101 Males praying behind females because the room is small. 9486
102 It is not permissible to pray behind an imaam who is a charlatan and liar. 9346
103 Permissibility of following the imaam from behind the door of the mosque. 9310
104 If the imam makes a mistake in his recitation, and there is no one praying with him except a woman, what should she do?. 9279
105 Should he put the back legs of the chair in line with the row (when praying)?. 9209
106 Ruling on praying behind someone who is praying alone. 9182
107 Can a woman say “Ameen” out loud when she is praying with her husband at home?. 9063
108 It is permissible for the imaam to call the adhaan, say the iqaamah and lead the prayer. 8975
109 The evidence that it is obligatory to offer prayers in congregation in the mosque. 8918
110 Ruling on leading the people in prayer with one’s head uncovered. 8890
111 It is better for a woman to pray in her house than in the mosque. 8868
112 Can women pray following the imaam in a tent outside the mosque?. 7841
113 Saying salaam before the imaam in cases of urgent need. 7420
114 Does there have to be one imaam and does he have to be the khateeb?. 7231
115 When is one counted as having caught up with the prayer in jamaa’ah?. 6551
116 He feels khushoo’ when on his own but not in the mosque. 6295
117 Foot to foot or shoulder to shoulder?. 6238
118 When one comes to the mosque and finds the last row full. 5362
119 If a latecomer catches up with the imaam during rukoo’ (bowing). 4059
120 If the one who knows more Qur’an holds Ash’ari beliefs, can he still lead the prayer?. 4025