Prayer of Exempted People

1 How can a patient who has a catheter do wudoo’ and pray?. 106751
2 Joining two prayers because of sickness. 97844
3 He has an exam that will cover the time of ‘Asr and Maghrib – how should he pray?. 97455
4 What is the ruling on giving two adhaans and two iqaamahs when joining prayers?. 70298
5 Rulings and issues about praying on a chair. 50684
6 Do the rulings on travellers apply to one who intends to stay for three days?. 50312
7 Ruling on prayer in congregation for one who is sick and one who cannot control najaasah (impurity). 50075
8 He is traveling and joining the prayers is easier for him. 49885
9 Should a traveller pray Sunnah?. 48997
10 The traveller may shorten his prayers even if he is not encountering any difficulty. 48979
11 If he prays ‘Isha’ with Maghrib at the time of Maghrib, he can pray Witr immediately after that.. 48978
12 Can a person who travels and stays somewhere for one day join and shorten his prayers?. 47643
13 Should a traveler pray four rak’ahs with the congregation or pray two rak’ahs on his own?. 45815
14 The distance at which it is prescribed to shorten one’s prayers and join them. 44555
15 Should a traveller offer the prayers in shortened form in his house or pray in congregation in the mosque?. 40299
16 Joining Maghrib and ‘Isha’ because of the curfew. 39176
17 Description of the fear prayer. 36896
18 She is pregnant and cannot bow or prostrate. 36738
19 Traveller praying behind a resident. 26186
20 A traveller joined two prayers together at the time of the earlier one, then he went back to his city before the time for the later prayer began. 22387