Prayer of Exempted People

21 The one who takes a short trip to a city where he has a relative is considered to be a traveler. 22328
22 Ruling on joining ‘Asr prayer to Jumu’ah prayer. 22265
23 Ruling on a traveller joining his prayers at the end of the day. 22255
24 The traveler may pray the travel (shortened) prayer once he has passed the city limits. 22249
25 Doing one prayer straight after the other when combining two prayers. 22102
26 The traveller has to offer the prayer in full if he prays behind an imam who is offering it in full. 21996
27 When should he pray witr when Maghrib is combined with ‘Isha’?. 21756
28 Traveller should make his prayers complete if he intends to stay more than 4 days. 21091
29 How should missed prayers be made up?. 20882
30 He cannot perform the prayer on time because of his work. What should he do?. 20712
31 Combining two prayers before travelling. 20017
32 How should members of military units pray on the front line?. 13997
33 A pregnant woman feels nauseous all the time – how should she pray?. 11878
34 Can we join ‘Isha and Taraaweeh together with Maghrib in Ramadaan if it is raining?. 11643
35 His work is 40 miles away; should he shorten his prayers?. 10993
36 Praying on board an airplane when one is in a state of janaabah (impurity). 9726
37 When does a journey count as travelling?. 9644
38 It is difficult for him to pray because his work is hard. 9561
39 She cannot do rukoo’ and sujood when she prays. 7522
40 ‘Asr and the traveller. 5975