Rulings on Mosques

1 Women walking in front of worshippers in al-Masjid al-Haraam. 96912
2 Putting lines in the mosque to make the rows straight. 93615
3 Going to the mosque walking. 70216
4 Will a person attain the reward of being in the first row even if there is only one row in the mosque?. 67797
5 Ruling on reserving a spot in the first row and staying away from it for a long time. 66279
6 Ruling on worshippers stretching out their legs in the direction of the mus-hafs. 66200
7 Why is the Prophet’s grave in his mosque even though it is forbidden to take graves as places of worship?. 65944
8 Is it permissible to make a player-place in which women will be in front of the imam?. 65685
9 Ruling on following the imam from outside the mosque or following a prayer by listening to the radio. 45611
10 Charging one’s mobile phone from the electricity in the Haram. 40241
11 She relieved herself in a cup in the Haram. 39947
12 Problem of a mosque which is said to have been built on land belonging to the waqf of another mosque. 34504
13 Mobile phones making haraam sounds. 34217
14 Ruling on the foyer belonging to the mosque. 33748
15 Menstruating women entering the mosque to listen to the khutbah. 33649
16 Is there a text that limits “greeting the mosque” to the first three rows of the mosque?. 32732
17 If boys reach the first row before older people, they are more entitled to it. 22355
18 What is the reason why the grave of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was incorporated into the mosque?. 21960
19 Ruling on going to distant mosques in order to pray behind one who recites Qur’aan well. 21877
20 The virtue of cleaning the mosque. 21538