Rulings on Mosques

41 The people have moved away from the neighbourhood; what should the imaam of the local mosque do?. 8815
42 Praying in a mosque which is attached to a grave in the direction of the Qiblah. 7875
43 Women wearing perfume when they attend the mosque. 7850
44 Ruling on a menstruating woman entering rooms etc. attached to the mosque. 183
45 Congregational Takbeer in the mosque when hearing good news. 3751
46 Ruling on transferring the money of one mosque to another. 4571
47 Ruling on renting churches for salaat. 1833
48 Buying a church to make it into a mosque. 2194
49 Mosques built by a Kaafir state for its Muslim inhabitants. 2190
50 Buying places of entertainment and changing them into mosques. 2193
51 Non-Muslims entering the mosque. 2192
52 Building a masjid in a place where it is not expected Muslims will remain permanently is permissible. 2191
53 Is it permissible to silence a beggar inside the mosque?. 5154
54 Selling a mosque in order to buy a new mosque in a better location. 4830
55 Speaking about worldly matters in the mosque. 4448
56 Do the rulings on mosques apply to places rented for prayers?. 4399
57 Argument over whether to keep the partition between men and women in the mosque. 4019
58 Some old people get angry with those who get to a certain spot in the mosque before them. 3079
59 Announcement of communal iftaar in the mosque for whoever fasted. 3468
60 Is it permissible to sell a mosque if there are no longer Muslims living around it?. 1828