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128548: He rents out the hotel to those who pay with credit cards and he delays going to the riba-based bank to get his money from it

My father has an little hotel. there is no big sins like alcholl, or girls etc. alhamdulillah. my father accept credit cards from customers, then he wait 1 mount, after one mount he take his money from riba based bank without paying any fee. as we know, in this period (1 month) the bank use that money for riba. and i told my father to pay a commission and take your money 1 day later. he doesn't accept. I am a worker of my father, I help him to by the help and permission of Allah te'ala increase his customer amount. and I have a salary from my father also. So, I have option to give up this work. if what i do is (by helping my father) a kind of big sin, or my salary is haraam, or if I became a part of riba, inshaAllah i want to give up this work. Please answer my question, what is my sitiation?.

Published Date: 2009-06-22
Praise be to Allaah.


It is permissible for the hotel owner and seller to take his rent or the price of the goods sold from the customer by means of a bank card or credit card, whether the card is Islamically acceptable or forbidden. As for that which is Islamically acceptable and free of haraam matters, this case is clear. As for that which is forbidden, the sin of that which is haraam in it is on the bank and the customer, and the renter or seller have nothing to do with it, because they may rent or sell to one who has borrowed money on the basis of riba, but the sin of riba is on the one who does it. 


We do not see any reason to force your father to get the money from the bank every day, because it is no secret that going to the bank every day would cause some kind of hardship, and it is not possible to be certain that the bank is making use of your father's money in riba-based transactions, because the banks may have some permissible dealings. If the bank does use this money for riba, then the sin of that will be on the bank, not on your father whose aim is to keep his money safe and who is not, of course, aiming to help the bank with riba. 


There is nothing wrong with you working in the hotel and being paid for that, regardless of whether your father's dealings are free of riba or not, because your wages are in return for the permissible work that you are doing.  

We ask Allaah to help you and your father to do all that is good and to guide you. 

And Allaah knows best.

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