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13493: It is essential to punish cell phone owners who send dirty messages

There is a serious phenomenon which has become widespread. This is the exchange of messages (inappropriate messages) between boys and girls via cell phones. Could you comment on this?.

Published Date: 2001-07-12

Praise be to Allaah.

In fact I liken the messages which are sent via cell phones to the graffiti on bathroom walls. This is a filthy action done by those who have no understanding. What is astounding is that their numbers appear with their messages, and there are sometimes message in which there appears a kind of shirk or association of others with Allaah. 

Shaykh Ibraaheem al-Khudayri. 

It is essential to advise those who send these messages via cell phone and to remind them of Allaah and of the ruling on their actions, and to tell them that they may be included among those who spread immorality among the believers. And Allaah is the One Whose help we seek. 

Al-Daw’ah Magazine, issue no. 1795, p. 47
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