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173194: Business sale

What is the ruling on supplying raw material to a manufacturer who indulges himself in adultery by manufacturing the finished product of low quality and claiming it as high quality. Here in my country, this type of cheating is very common. And many manufacturers indulge themselves in this practice. Is it allowed for me to sell these type of manufacturers, the raw material to manufacture? If i dont sell them than surely they will easily get it from someone else and i am gonna loose a lot of my sales.

Published Date: 2012-04-11


All Praise is for Allah.

There is nothing wrong in selling raw material as long as it is used to make something permissible and not used to make something that is forbidden. As far as the manufacturers deception is concerned: he should be advised and stopped from his evil deed. You will not earn any sin for what he does in manufacturing. However, if you stop dealing with him and find business with honest and truthful manufacturers, that is better and safer.

Allah knows best.

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