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7328: His wife has left Islam

    A brother came to me and Asked "What does he do if his wife told him that she no longer desires to be a muslim.  She believes that there is a God but she does not want to be a Muslim.  She said she does not care if it takes her to the Hell-Fire.  She has stopped praying, remove the cover from her and her daughter(who is not his daughter), and said that they no longer follow Islam."  She has also said that she wants to move. Shaikh, we urgently need to know what to do.  If she is guilty of ar-riddah, then how does it affect their marriage?  Are they still married?  Does she go into a state of Iddah?  Can he be alone with her?  Should he remain in the same home (she asked him to leave and she is bringing statues and other impermissible things into the home)?  It could present fitnah and weaken his eemaan because of his emotions.  We(the members of this community) definitely would appreciate a rapid response as there may be serious implications from the matter.

Published Date: 2007-06-30

Praise be to Allaah.

Shaykh ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Jibreen
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