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Praying Isha (Nightfall Prayer) Behind Someone Praying Taraweeh (Ramadan Night Prayer)


Publication : 31-12-1997

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If someone who has not performed Salaat-ul ‘Ishaa yet, arrives late at the mosque and finds that the congregation are performing Salaat-ut Taraaweeh, should he join them with the intention to perform Salaat-ul ‘Ishaa and then after continues with them performing Salaat-ut Taraaweeh or should he perform Salaat-ul ‘Ishaa first on his own and after that join the congregation for the rest of Salaat-ut Taraaweeh?


Praise be to Allah.

He should join the congregation having made the intention to perform Salaat-ul ‘Ishaa. This is in accordance with the evidence in the Saheeh Hadeeth related by Mu‘aaz concerning the permissibility of performing of Salaat-ul Fard (an obligatory Salaat) whilst being led by someone who is performing a Nafl (voluntary) Salaat. This way would also create less disturbance which could be resulted if there were two Salaats being performed aloud (during the recitation of al-Qu’raan, for example) as is the case with Salaat-ul ‘Ishaa and Salaat-ut Taraaweeh.

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Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid