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What to recite during a marriage ceremony


Publication : 08-06-1998

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DEAR SIR, I am a muslim, ALHAMDOLILLAH. I want to help one non-muslim girl become MUSLIM. Kindly tell me what is QURANIC to marry (NIKAH) with her after she becomes Muslim. I want ARABIC (QURANIC) VERSES which the IMAM uses for NIKAH.  SIR now I stay in CHINA so I have no place to get this material. please send me complete information. I am sure you can help a non-muslim become muslim. may ALLAH bless you for this good deed. I am waiting for your reply. Please don't disappoint me


Praise be to Allah.

To the one who is asking this question, we say that this woman should be taught to say the Shahaadatayn (the two declarations of faith) and then how to practise Islamic rituals such as salaat (prayer), etc. After that, a Muslim qaadi (judge) could do the marriage contract (nikaah) for him. If there is no qaadi there, then the director of the Islamic centre could do it, in the presence of two male witnesses.

As regards what should be said by the one who does the marriage contract, he should say khutbah al-haajah, which you will find under the question that comes before this one (# 2066); I will send it to you with this reply, in sha Allaah.

May Allaah reward you.

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Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

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