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Is it obligatory to inform spouse of previous sins and misconduct


Publication : 19-06-1997

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A woman says she married a virtuous man. But she had committed things before marriage that Allah disapproves of. Now her conscience pricks her. She would like to know if it is necessary for her to confess to her husband what she used to do before marriage?


Praise be to Allah.

No, it is not necessary for either of the two spouses to inform the other of what they used to do before their marriage. Let he or she who happens to have fallen in such evils conceal himself or herself just as Allah has concealed them. A true repentance should suffice.

As for he who married a virgin, but it became apparent to him at consummation that she is not so for reasons of promiscuity committed before marriage, then he has the to take back the mahr (dower) he paid her and separate from her. Nevertheless, if he finds that she has truly repented, then if he keeps it confidential and conceals the matter and retains her in marriage, surely he will be rewarded for it by Allah.

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Source: Excerpted from the book I Want to Repent but…