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A dhimmi woman who dies when she is pregnant with a Muslim child


Publication : 21-06-1999

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If a dhimmi woman [a Jewish or Christian woman who is living under Islamic rule; from the context it would appear to refer to a Jewish or Christian wife of a Muslim – Translator] dies when she is pregnant with a Muslim child, where should she be buried?


Praise be to Allah.

The most correct view is that she should be buried between the graveyards of the Muslims and the kuffaar. It was also said that she should be buried on the way to the Muslim graveyard, or with her co-religionists, so that they can take care of washing her and burying her in their graveyard. Wherever she is buried, her back should be towards the Qiblah, because the face of the foetus faces the mother’s back.

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Source: From Fatawa al-Imaam al-Nawawi, p. 80