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Tawbah (repentance) from homosexuality


Publication : 19-06-1997

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What is required of the man who repents homosexuality?


Praise be to Allah.

It is obligatory on both of them - the active and the passive partners - to repent to Allah urgently, passionately and sincerely for no worse combination of punishments was sent by Allah as the ones in the case of the people of Lut (asws), who used to commit this filthy crime. The combination of punishments was as follows:
  1. They were blinded and left groping, as Allah said, “fa-tamasna a’yoonahum” (i.e., blinded them).
  2. A thunderous cry (tore their hearts) (al-sayha)
  3. Their homes were turned upside down.
  4. Allah rained upon them a storm of stones of baked clay prepared specifically for them and destroyed them completely.

Accordingly the punishment if Islam for sodomy is death whether the two involved are married or unmarried. Said the Prophet (peace be upon him): “Whomsoever you find committing the act, kill them: both the active and the passive partners.” (Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi, and Ibn Majah, authenticated sahih by al-Albani, Arwaa’ ul-Ghaleel 2350)

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Source: Excerpted from the book I Want to Repent but