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Feelings of a Christian man of religion towards his daughter’s Islam


Publication : 31-07-1999

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I am a Christian minister--Yet I feel that after reading your teaching on ,"how to treat your wife",was exllent in our creators eyes . I know that we have different vieues on The Holy One who has made us.Yet I am a student of the scriptures, but also student to understanding. I have a daughter who married a muslim. I don't even know if I'm right in ,the case of calling my son-law a musilm. For he is a devoted to the teaching of the Koran. Lately I had a discussion with my daughter. Remember this I do not preach that she has made the wrong mistake, or try to force my oppinion on her.I love her,and my son -inlaw as well. I need to not preach what I believe,but my actions should show love. I thank you and all our brothers ,that we shall know the truth together. Again I hope and pray for peace. Yours in Loving of the Brotherhood


Praise be to Allah.

We thank you very much for expressing these kind feelings. The fact that you have not stood in the way of your daughter and her husband in their following of Islam is indicative of your fair mindedness and respect for the beliefs of others. At the same time, we cannot hide our wish that you could join us and your daughter and her husband in following this religion, the great religion of Islam. We know that the matter may appear difficult, especially for a man who represents and studies another religion, but who knows, maybe this study will be followed by a proper study of Islam which will lead to a new conviction. We wish you well always, and pray that Allaah will guide us all to the path of truth and guidance. Thank you once again.

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Source: Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid