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Imam errs during prayer and does not know what is the mistake


Publication : 05-07-1997

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If the Imam makes a mistake in the prayer and the followers try to remind him but he does not know when he made the mistake, what should they do?


Praise be to Allah.

If the Imam makes a mistake in the prayer and misses an obligatory act, while the followers remind him of the mistake (by saying “subhan Allah”) but he does not understand what they mean or does not know when or where he made the mistake, and continues to move on to other obligatory acts which do not include the missed act, then there a number of opinions on this. The best of these opinions is that they remind him of the act by the particular supplication that act, e.g., saying “subhana Rabbi al-‘Azeem” if it was the ruku‘ or “subhana Rabbi al-A‘la” if it was the prostration, or Rabbighfir li if it was the sitting between the two prostrations, etc. (Al-Mughni 1/707)

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Source: From the book What Should You Do in the Following Situations...?