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Issues concerning marriage

192721 - Offering udhiyah on behalf of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) and the hadith that was narrated concerning that Published Date: 2016-09-09 226042 - Advice to a wife who is suffering some problems with her husband, whom she married under pressure from her mother and without the consent of her father Published Date: 2016-02-02 161539 - Ruling on having a Christmas tree without celebrating Christmas Published Date: 2012-12-17 43028 - The reason why it is forbidden to have intercourse with one's wife when she is menstruating or bleeding following childbirth Published Date: 2008-08-17 87496 - If a man says to his fiancée, “Give yourself to me in marriage,” this is not regarded as a marriage Published Date: 2006-06-21 67940 - Should she ask for a divorce from her husband who does not pray regularly and does not give her her rights? Published Date: 2006-06-21 36740 - He cannot be patient when his wife has her period Published Date: 2002-12-30 12662 - How to repent from having intercourse with one’s wife after her period has ended and before she has done ghusl Published Date: 2001-10-31 21725 - What is the ruling on a man having intercourse with his pregnant wife? Published Date: 2001-06-28 14371 - It is permissible for each partner to read Qur’aan next to the other Published Date: 2001-04-15 8891 - Is marriage one of the actions of this world or of the Hereafter? Published Date: 2000-06-27 6792 - Does anal intercourse cancel the marriage contract? Published Date: 2000-01-06 6254 - Is it possible to be pious without being married? Published Date: 1999-11-21