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Social Problems

260141 - Should she travel and leave her sister who cannot take good care of herself? Published Date: 2016-12-31 240949 - Should they join their father in celebrating the Gregorian New Year so that they can get some money from him for their mother who is poor? Published Date: 2016-12-24 237944 - (How should she interact with her son whom they abandoned in the hospital as an infant because he was sick and now he is resentful?) Published Date: 2016-11-15 247729 - How can a son reconcile with his father when there is a dispute between them? Published Date: 2016-07-28 226042 - Advice to a wife who is suffering some problems with her husband, whom she married under pressure from her mother and without the consent of her father Published Date: 2016-02-02 224585 - What should she do about her husband who talks to women on his mobile phone and asks for their pictures? Published Date: 2015-11-10 175113 - How should he deal with his father, who he has found out has haraam relationships with women? Published Date: 2015-09-24 178418 - What should she do about her problems with her husband’s mother? Does she have the right to prevent her from seeing her granddaughter? Published Date: 2015-08-04 199064 - He impugns his honour and makes accusations against his wife, and he wants to kill him! Published Date: 2015-08-03 230057 - She married a non-Muslim and he refuses to become Muslim Published Date: 2015-07-28 222086 - Should he marry his cousin in secret? Published Date: 2015-01-09 222575 - He got married without his family’s knowledge, and he wants to prevent his wife from having children until he tells his family; is it permissible for him to do that? Published Date: 2014-12-15 221027 - My husband is having an affair with a non-Muslim woman, and she has got pregnant from him Published Date: 2014-10-15 220426 - Her mother bore her from a marriage to a Christian man, and she is asking about the ruling on her relationship with her father and her non-Muslim sisters Published Date: 2014-10-13 220070 - Concerning obedience to his disbelieving parents, and attribution of an illegitimate son Published Date: 2014-10-11 150031 - Her husband’s father does not pray because he denies that it is obligatory; how should she interact with him? Published Date: 2014-09-14 220664 - His wife admitted to him that his children were from another man; what should he do? Published Date: 2014-08-30 214190 - Her parents are disagreeing and each of them is neglecting the rights of the other, and she is asking for advice Published Date: 2014-05-26 212981 - I do not want to get married but my parents want me to; am I Islamically obliged to agree? Published Date: 2014-05-20 204795 - He incited a woman to leave her husband, then he married her and claimed that her son from her first husband was his child Published Date: 2014-03-11