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Mistakes committed by Pilgrims

36823 - Mistakes made during the Farewell tawaaf Published Date: 2012-10-30 36847 - Mistakes made when cutting the hair or shaving the head Published Date: 2012-10-22 34420 - Mistakes that are made when stoning the Jamaraat Published Date: 2011-11-07 34380 - Woman doing Hajj with a group of women and with no mahram Published Date: 2011-10-13 45684 - The farewell tawaaf is obligatory for the people of Jeddah Published Date: 2010-11-13 36364 - It is not prescribed for the pilgrim doing ifraad to do ‘Umrah after Hajj Published Date: 2010-10-23 31821 - Speaking the intention for Hajj and ‘Umrah out loud Published Date: 2010-10-14 36883 - Mistakes made on the way to Muzdalifah and in Muzdalifah Published Date: 2009-11-29 34644 - Mistakes made when doing tawaaf Published Date: 2009-11-29 34293 - Mistakes made when going to ‘Arafah and in ‘Arafah itself Published Date: 2009-11-28 39730 - She performed ‘Umrah a number of times but she did not cut her hair; what is the ruling? Published Date: 2008-12-31 14307 - He wants to leave Makkah then come back to do the farewell tawaaf when the crowding is less severe Published Date: 2008-12-30 42314 - Is the farewell tawaaf obligatory for the people of Jeddah? Published Date: 2008-12-14 36769 - If he does the farewell tawaaf, he should go out walking normally and should not walk with his face towards the Ka’bah Published Date: 2008-12-10 21392 - Ruling on kissing the cover of the Ka’bah, the Mus-haf and the Black Stone Published Date: 2008-10-23 36628 - Du’aa’ in unison during tawaaf Published Date: 2006-12-14 34869 - Mistakes made when entering the Haram Published Date: 2006-12-05 85667 - He forgot to do tawaaf al-ifaadah and he went back to his homeland and could not return to Makkah Published Date: 2006-06-21 47357 - Ruling on passing the meeqaat without entering ihraam Published Date: 2004-01-27 33746 - Reciting Talbiyah in unison Published Date: 2003-01-19