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Acts of Worship

12451 - Where should a woman stand when leading other women in prayer, and the preference for women to pray in their homes Published Date: 2001-10-10 1363 - Ruling on using sanitary waste flow to irrigate date palms Published Date: 2001-07-04 21708 - Giving the khutbah in the local language Published Date: 2001-06-18 14053 - Should he use his left hand or part of it when cleaning himself after relieving oneself? Published Date: 2001-05-29 984 - Translating the Friday Khutbah Published Date: 2001-05-14 12239 - The one who intended to do Hajj or ‘Umrah does not have to do anything if he passed the meeqaat and forgot to enter ihraam, then he went back and entered ihraam Published Date: 2001-05-01 7073 - The health and religious benefits of circumcision Published Date: 2001-04-14 10949 - If one is not sure whether a dog has licked something Published Date: 2001-04-07 9066 - Ruling on using nail polish, and does it have to be removed when doing wudoo’ Published Date: 2001-03-06 11619 - Why do we not join our prayers together? Published Date: 2000-12-17 9346 - It is not permissible to pray behind an imaam who is a charlatan and liar Published Date: 2000-12-10 11576 - A student is asking about zakaah; her income is $400 per month Published Date: 2000-11-28 9446 - He prayed for three years without doing ghusl from janaabah Published Date: 2000-07-12 9167 - Can the Muslims pray for rain in the land of the kuffaar Published Date: 2000-07-07 2075 - He has a continual flow of prostatic fluid, without feeling any desire Published Date: 2000-01-26 1344 - The fate of one who does not pay zakaah Published Date: 1999-12-19 6533 - Is it haraam for a woman who is junub to cook or touch things? Published Date: 1999-12-14 7175 - Ruling on buying food for Zakaat al-Fitr a little early Published Date: 1999-11-08 2196 - What is the right answer concerning the start of Fajr in Northern England? Published Date: 1999-07-21 2195 - A new Muslim is not to make up missed Islamic duties before accepting Islam Published Date: 1999-07-18