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Alliance and Amity, Disavowal and Enmity

160470 - Is it permissible for him to give his Christian classmate a ride to the church in hopes of softening his heart towards Islam? Published Date: 2018-03-10 256706 - If his non-Muslim relative says to him I love you, can he respond in a like manner? Published Date: 2017-02-18 242102 - No father is accountable for his child’s wrongdoing, and no child for his father’s wrongdoing Published Date: 2016-11-17 244710 - Ruling on using the church as a hall for activities for Muslim children Published Date: 2016-10-11 239930 - Permissibility of showing kindness to a non-Muslim and lending him money Published Date: 2016-10-03 224598 - Is it permissible to grieve for a man who died as a disbeliever, because he will abide for ever in Hell? Published Date: 2016-07-17 101404 - Ruling on celebrating Nowruz (Persian New Year) Published Date: 2016-04-23 217286 - She is living in a non-Muslim country where she is afraid to wear Islamic dress and seek Islamic knowledge Published Date: 2015-12-19 121554 - Why does Islam forbid Muslims to imitate disbelievers? Published Date: 2015-12-03 154606 - How can we reconcile between the permissibility of marriage to a Christian or Jewish woman and belief in al-wala’ wa’l-bara’? Published Date: 2015-04-16 145986 - His company has an annual dinner that they call the Christmas dinner Published Date: 2015-02-21 126602 - Hanging up flags and symbols of non-Muslim countries Published Date: 2015-01-31 96811 - Can he display gifts in his company to acknowledge Christmas? Published Date: 2014-12-31 178136 - Why do the Muslims not celebrate the birthday of ‘Eesa (Jesus – peace be upon him) as they celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him)? Published Date: 2014-12-27 115148 - Celebrating special occasions and festivals – what is permissible and what is not? Published Date: 2014-12-26 149230 - Ruling on sitting, resting on the heel of the left hand behind one’s back Published Date: 2014-12-03 220426 - Her mother bore her from a marriage to a Christian man, and she is asking about the ruling on her relationship with her father and her non-Muslim sisters Published Date: 2014-10-13 212570 - How can she congratulate a non-Muslim girl who was in an illicit relationship with a boy and is going to marry him? Published Date: 2014-06-07 73007 - Ruling on celebrating Valentine’s Day Published Date: 2014-02-14 177460 - Ruling on Muslims congratulating one another on the occasion of the Gregorian New Year Published Date: 2013-12-29