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The Quraan and its Sciences

67586 - Reading Qur’aan with an accent in which some letters such as tha’ and dhal are altered Published Date: 2005-04-10 65581 - Is there any du’aa’ in the Sunnah for after one has completed the Qur’aan? Published Date: 2005-01-02 50675 - They read Qur’aan before Taraaweeh prayer then complete it in the prayer Published Date: 2004-11-09 50010 - What is the ruling on listening to Qur’aan before going to sleep, whether from a cassette player or some other means? Published Date: 2004-02-15 46088 - Which is better, reading Qur’aan together or individually? Published Date: 2003-05-04 34234 - He claims that the Qur’aan is lacking in eloquence and contains grammatical errors Published Date: 2003-03-20 32594 - Is it better to recite Qur’aan from memory or to read from the Mus-haf? Published Date: 2003-01-11 33583 - Are precious stones mentioned in the Qur’aan? Published Date: 2003-01-01 10012 - Who wrote the Qur’aan and how was it put together? Published Date: 2002-09-30 6577 - The Qur’aan is a healing and a mercy to the believers Published Date: 2002-08-29 21500 - Distortion of the Qur’aan by the Raafidis Published Date: 2002-08-24 5105 - Refutation of those who try to prove that the Qur’aan is not true Published Date: 2002-07-04 23487 - Claims that the Qur’aan has been distorted Published Date: 2002-06-06 10984 - The times when it is permissible to recite Qur’aan Published Date: 2002-01-03 21182 - A soorah in which the name of Allaah is mentioned in every aayah. Published Date: 2001-09-13 20100 - It is permissible to accept payment for teaching Qur’aan Published Date: 2001-04-13 11069 - Why does the Qur’aan not mention the story of Haajar and Zamzam? Published Date: 2000-11-16 8029 - Ruling on reading Qur’aan in a house where there is a dog Published Date: 2000-11-13 8177 - If a person looks at the Mus-haf without moving his lips, will he be rewarded for that? Published Date: 2000-11-09 12032 - Celebrating completing the Qur’aan (khatm al-Qur’aan) Published Date: 2000-07-04