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Quraanic Exegesis

242365 - There is no contradiction between the description of the Qur’an as being clear and explained in detail, and the appearance of the huroof muqatta‘ah in it Published Date: 2017-01-25 238616 - He is asking about reinterpreting the Qur’an and Sunnah to suit the age Published Date: 2017-01-16 248517 - The covenant taken from the sons of Adam is the fitrah Published Date: 2017-01-03 201529 - Describing the size of Paradise as being “as wide as the heavens and the earth” Published Date: 2016-12-01 248116 - Commentary on the verse “Who made everything He has created good” [as-Sajdah 32:7] Published Date: 2016-11-29 240812 - Commentary on the verse: “And walk not on the earth with conceit and arrogance. Verily, you can neither rend nor penetrate the earth, nor can you attain a stature like the mountains in height” [al-Isra’ 17:37] Published Date: 2016-11-22 242102 - No father is accountable for his child’s wrongdoing, and no child for his father’s wrongdoing Published Date: 2016-11-17 242264 - Commentary on the verse “And insult not those whom they (disbelievers) worship besides Allah, lest they insult Allah wrongfully without knowledge” [al-An‘aam 6:108] Published Date: 2016-10-30 255524 - How can the scholars say that noor is reflected light when Allah is noor? Published Date: 2016-10-30 205107 - He is asking about time: is it created? Will it exist in Paradise? Will time cease to exist? Published Date: 2016-10-25 245339 - Commentary on the verse “Thus did We plan for Yoosuf” [Yoosuf 12:76] and what this plan brought of goodness and blessings to him and to his father and his brothers Published Date: 2016-10-24 245475 - Miraculous aspects of the Holy Qur’an Published Date: 2016-10-06 245815 - Meaning of “being with” in the verse “And whoso obeys Allah and the Messenger , then they will be with those on whom Allah has bestowed His Grace, of the Prophets, the Siddiqoon , the martyrs, and the righteous... [an-Nisa’ 4:69] Published Date: 2016-09-30 243871 - Meteorites and shooting stars may be called “stars” (nujoom) and “heavenly bodies” (kawaakib) in Arabic Published Date: 2016-09-25 174843 - Commentary on the verse “and man was created weak” [an-Nisa’ 4:28] Published Date: 2016-08-23 111596 - He is asking about the way in which Iblees whispered to our father Adam Published Date: 2016-08-21 246242 - How can I act in accordance with the meanings of these names of Allah: al-Ahad, al-A‘laa, al-Akram and al-Awwal? Published Date: 2016-07-31 246163 - Could you give me the most accurate translation for these names of Allaah: [al alaa] [al akram] [al ilaah] [al awwal] Published Date: 2016-07-19 174619 - Is despairing of the mercy of Allah regarded as disbelief? Published Date: 2016-06-29 240648 - Commentary on the verse in which Allah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning): “And Allah has created you and then He will cause you to die, and of you there are some who are sent back to senility, so that they know nothing... Published Date: 2016-04-19