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Innovations in Religion and Worship

22322 - The difference between setting an appointed time for lessons and setting an appointed time for qiyaam al-layl Published Date: 2001-08-14 9788 - Does saying something that is bid’ah make one an innovator ? Published Date: 2001-06-24 14320 - Is there any valid proof for Salaat al-Tasaabeeh?   Published Date: 2001-04-24 7505 - Salaat al-Naariyah Published Date: 2001-03-14 9055 - Celebrations commemorating some of the scholars Published Date: 2001-02-14 12327 - Women uncovering their hands in front of vendors … a wrong action Published Date: 2001-01-31 12368 - Is knowing the sex of the baby part of the knowledge of the unseen? Published Date: 2001-01-28 8596 - False belief that reading Qur’aan remains suspended if the reward for reading is not given to the deceased Published Date: 2000-12-30 9485 - Attending a feast for a child’s birthday and eating that food Published Date: 2000-12-17 11739 - Dividing the religion into basic matters (usool) and minor issues (furoo’) Published Date: 2000-12-13 9355 - The myth that visiting the grave of ‘Ali equals seventy Hajj Published Date: 2000-12-03 11999 - Saying “ ‘Ali karrama Allaah wajhahu (Ali, may Allaah honour his face)” Published Date: 2000-10-08 12010 - Celebrating a child’s twenty-first birthday Published Date: 2000-10-07 10888 - Does saying “Innahu ‘ala raj’ihi la qaadir (Verily, (Allaah) is Able to bring him back)” help to bring back something that has been lost? Published Date: 2000-10-06 11017 - Ruling on reciting du’aa’s which are not proven Published Date: 2000-09-24 4305 - Prostration of thanksgiving 40 days after birth Published Date: 2000-09-13 10538 - Does writing al-Zalzalah in a vessel make childbirth any easier? Published Date: 2000-09-04 11669 - Going to visit places and mosques in which the Prophet prayed Published Date: 2000-09-03 12032 - Celebrating completing the Qur’aan (khatm al-Qur’aan) Published Date: 2000-07-04 7277 - What is the definition of bid’ah? What is the ruling on doing more rak’ahs in Taraaweeh? Published Date: 2000-06-12