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9208 - Coping with wet dreams Published Date: 2002-09-08 11731 - She sees disturbing dreams, and she imagined having intercourse in her sleep Published Date: 2002-05-30 20156 - He had a wet dream but he did not do ghusl because it was very cold Published Date: 2001-12-19 10319 - It is not obligatory to do ghusl from janaabah when one wants to eat Published Date: 2001-09-26 13486 - Is it permissible for husband and wife to remove their clothes when sleeping? What effect does that have on tahaarah (purity, cleanliness)? Published Date: 2001-08-01 12352 - The rest of the maniy comes out after ghusl; is it necessary to do ghusl again? Published Date: 2001-05-07 12317 - If maniy (semen) is emitted whilst one is awake because of illness, ghusl is not required Published Date: 2001-04-12 8828 - Reciting adhkaar when one is junub Published Date: 2001-02-04 6894 - Is it permitted to bathe naked? Published Date: 2000-06-07 6010 - If a female has an orgasm without intercourse Published Date: 2000-04-21 7529 - Is it obligatory to do ghusl after being manually stimulated? Published Date: 2000-03-20 3578 - Woman exciting herself to the point of climax Published Date: 2000-02-22 6976 - Ruling on being naked when taking a bath Published Date: 2000-01-03 6533 - Is it haraam for a woman who is junub to cook or touch things? Published Date: 1999-12-14 7310 - Delaying ghusl for janaabah (impurity following sexual activity) until after dawn has broken in Ramadaan Published Date: 1999-11-13 3963 - Is it necessary for husband and wife to perform ghusl straight after intercourse? Published Date: 1999-09-10 5032 - Is it necessary to do wudoo’ before doing ghusl for making oneself pure (tahaarah) Published Date: 1999-05-26 2648 - Is it obligatory to wash one’s hair when doing ghusl after having intercourse? Published Date: 1999-03-31 2074 - Ghusl is obligatory when one is in a state of janaabah (impurity) Published Date: 1998-06-08 2065 - Unable to perform Ghusl Published Date: 1998-05-09