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Rulings on Mosques

10533 - If the amount collected to build a mosque is not enough Published Date: 2001-01-31 10092 - Listening to the radio program Noor ‘ala al-Darb (Light on the Way) in the mosque Published Date: 2000-12-24 10682 - Problems in the administration committee of one of the mosques Published Date: 2000-11-05 9423 - Visiting al-Masjid al-Aqsaa in Palestine Published Date: 2000-11-04 9444 - Ruling on non-Muslims entering mosques Published Date: 2000-11-02 9440 - Showing video tapes in which there are crosses in the mosque Published Date: 2000-09-07 11286 - Ruling on smoking and coming to the mosque Published Date: 2000-08-30 11483 - Dispute in the mosque about making prayers long or short Published Date: 2000-08-10 11605 - Should children be stopped from coming to the mosque? Published Date: 2000-08-07 9631 - Walking with shoes in the mosque Published Date: 2000-07-11 10008 - Does the prohibition on leaving the mosque after the adhaan apply to women too? Published Date: 2000-06-03 10234 - Ruling on buying a mosque with an interest-based loan Published Date: 2000-05-23 8815 - The people have moved away from the neighbourhood; what should the imaam of the local mosque do? Published Date: 2000-02-12 7875 - Praying in a mosque which is attached to a grave in the direction of the Qiblah Published Date: 2000-01-31 183 - Ruling on a menstruating woman entering rooms etc. attached to the mosque Published Date: 1999-11-07 3751 - Congregational Takbeer in the mosque when hearing good news Published Date: 1999-10-04 4571 - Ruling on transferring the money of one mosque to another Published Date: 1999-08-20 1833 - Ruling on renting churches for salaat Published Date: 1999-08-09 2194 - Buying a church to make it into a mosque Published Date: 1999-07-25 2190 - Mosques built by a Kaafir state for its Muslim inhabitants Published Date: 1999-07-23