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Rulings on Mosques

2193 - Buying places of entertainment and changing them into mosques Published Date: 1999-07-22 1743 - What should be done when mosque furnishings are no longer needed? Published Date: 1999-07-21 2192 - Non-Muslims entering the mosque Published Date: 1999-07-19 2191 - Building a masjid in a place where it is not expected Muslims will remain permanently is permissible Published Date: 1999-07-17 4047 - Is it permissible to rent out a disused mosque when it is not possible to sell it? Published Date: 1999-07-04 5154 - Is it permissible to silence a beggar inside the mosque? Published Date: 1999-07-02 3492 - Ruling on building a mosque in a graveyard Published Date: 1999-06-22 3483 - Eating in the mosque Published Date: 1999-06-15 4830 - Selling a mosque in order to buy a new mosque in a better location Published Date: 1999-05-31 3480 - Announcing a death in the mosque Published Date: 1999-05-24 4448 - Speaking about worldly matters in the mosque Published Date: 1999-04-22 4399 - Do the rulings on mosques apply to places rented for prayers? Published Date: 1999-03-14 4019 - Argument over whether to keep the partition between men and women in the mosque Published Date: 1999-03-06 3079 - Some old people get angry with those who get to a certain spot in the mosque before them Published Date: 1999-03-04 2945 - Ruling on preventing women with improper hijab from entering the mosque Published Date: 1999-02-16 3468 - Announcement of communal iftaar in the mosque for whoever fasted Published Date: 1999-02-05 3748 - A brief history of al-Masjid al-Haraam in Makkah Published Date: 1999-01-26 1828 - Is it permissible to sell a mosque if there are no longer Muslims living around it? Published Date: 1999-01-05 983 - Ruling on women going to the masjid (mosque) Published Date: 1998-10-03 575 - Putting a crescent on top of the minaret of a mosque Published Date: 1998-09-01