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Congregational Prayer

21717 - It is not permissible for one who is praying behind an imaam to recite anything other than al-Faatihah Published Date: 2001-10-08 13746 - Those who are in charge of the mosque are falling short in their religious commitment; should he stop praying there? Published Date: 2001-09-20 10067 - Holding the Mus-haf for one who is following an imaam is contrary to the Sunnah Published Date: 2000-12-17 9486 - Males praying behind females because the room is small Published Date: 2000-11-21 12093 - When women get together, is it better for them to pray in jamaa’ah or individually? Published Date: 2000-10-07 6295 - He feels khushoo’ when on his own but not in the mosque Published Date: 2000-09-11 11605 - Should children be stopped from coming to the mosque? Published Date: 2000-08-07 3404 - A woman walked in front of our row when we were praying in jamaa’ah Published Date: 2000-06-18 6551 - When is one counted as having caught up with the prayer in jamaa’ah? Published Date: 2000-03-15 5874 - can my wife and i can pray in congregation Published Date: 1999-12-28 7420 - Saying salaam before the imaam in cases of urgent need Published Date: 1999-11-23 6238 - Foot to foot or shoulder to shoulder? Published Date: 1999-11-20 3832 - Women seeing the imaam during prayer Published Date: 1999-10-10 7841 - Can women pray following the imaam in a tent outside the mosque? Published Date: 1999-08-12 3247 - Should the person who is praying behind the imaam say the Takbeer loudly or softly? Published Date: 1999-07-31 3270 - Where should a person stand in relation to the imaam if just the two of them are praying together? Published Date: 1999-07-31 5362 - When one comes to the mosque and finds the last row full Published Date: 1999-07-29 1744 - Giving “charity” to a person by praying with him after Fajr Published Date: 1999-07-20 1809 - Should a person stand to the right of the imaam if the row is full? Published Date: 1999-06-14 3494 - A person was not sure whether he was in front of the imaam. What is the ruling? Published Date: 1999-06-14