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Poor-due or obligatory charity

99684 - He did not pay zakaah due to ignorance, and now his money has decreased Published Date: 2007-07-08 99033 - No zakaah is due on money if you are not certain that you will get it. Published Date: 2007-07-03 99257 - The prisoner must pay zakaah on his wealth Published Date: 2007-06-23 99796 - He gave him zakaah on the basis that he give it back to pay off his debt Published Date: 2007-06-18 93101 - He bought shares by instalments – should he deduct the shares when paying zakaah? Published Date: 2007-01-19 66919 - Is it acceptable for him to put his money with his wife’s money and pay zakaah together? Published Date: 2007-01-03 87580 - Zakaah is due on invested wealth and on any profit made Published Date: 2006-10-28 87518 - Delay in paying zakaah because he is far away from his wealth Published Date: 2006-10-27 82655 - Can he pay his father’s zakaah without his permission? Published Date: 2006-10-25 93097 - He has a portfolio in the stock market and he has not paid zakaah on it for two years Published Date: 2006-10-14 69809 - Did ‘Uthmaan (may Allaah be pleased with him) left the payment of zakaah to the people? Published Date: 2006-08-28 84322 - It is permissible to pay zakaah from something other than the saved money? Published Date: 2006-03-20 83575 - She has some orphans’ wealth in trust, and it may be consumed by zakaah; is she sinning if she does not invest it? Published Date: 2006-03-15 75119 - Their parents invested wealth for them but they did not pay zakaah on it. What should they do? Published Date: 2005-11-05 67280 - Which is better in Ramadaan, to give zakaah in the form of money or to feed the poor? Published Date: 2005-10-26 69798 - Paying zakaah from a child’s wealth for past years Published Date: 2005-07-13 69941 - The difference between shares and stocks Published Date: 2005-07-11 69912 - Detailed discussion of zakaah on shares Published Date: 2005-07-08 66116 - Is it permissible to sponsor an orphan using zakaah money? Published Date: 2005-03-01 43162 - The connection between zakaah and the economic system and social security Published Date: 2004-01-19