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On What is Zakaah Due

75390 - Is zakaah due on bonuses? Published Date: 2005-07-15 74988 - No zakaah is due on rental cars and delivery trucks Published Date: 2005-07-06 70315 - Savings in the Post Office – how should he pay zakaah? Published Date: 2005-04-29 69940 - Should he give zakaah for previous years? How should he work it out? Published Date: 2005-04-23 46315 - Is zakaah due on honey? Published Date: 2005-02-25 67594 - He bought some land and he is waiting for its price to rise before selling it. Does he have to pay zakaah on it? Published Date: 2005-02-15 38577 - The tenants do not pay him rent because they are poor – how can he pay zakaah? Published Date: 2004-12-28 32678 - He has a share in some commercial land – how should he pay zakaah? Published Date: 2004-02-23 50014 - Ruling on zakaah on a debt – should it be paid from other wealth? Published Date: 2004-01-25 40210 - There is no zakaah on precious stones unless they are for trade Published Date: 2003-11-17 41805 - She has money to furnish the marital home – is zakaah due on it? Published Date: 2003-11-16 45623 - Who should pay the zakaah on land that is rented out for cultivation? Published Date: 2003-10-04 34802 - There is no zakaah on land if one does not intend to sell it Published Date: 2003-01-11 10823 - If a person has land and other property, does he have to pay zakaah on it? Published Date: 2002-09-26 26113 - Zakaah on an employee’s salary Published Date: 2002-04-19 21574 - Zakaah on company shares Published Date: 2001-09-02 12927 - Zakaah on dairy business and agricultural companies Published Date: 2001-07-14 13479 - Zakaah on shares for resale with specification of gain (murabahah) Published Date: 2001-07-14 12012 - Should we pay zakaah on valuable things found in an animal’s stomach? Published Date: 2000-09-29 11051 - Zakaah on domestic palm-trees Published Date: 2000-09-06