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Things which are not allowed in Ihraam

36522 - Whoever does one of the things that are forbidden in ihraam out of forgetfulness or ignorance Published Date: 2007-12-04 36897 - Is it permissible for the muhrim to comb his hair? Published Date: 2007-12-03 36854 - There is nothing wrong with wearing a money belt in ihraam Published Date: 2007-12-01 20019 - Using unperfumed creams during ihraam Published Date: 2007-12-01 41140 - Is it permissible to wear a jacket in ihraam if it is cold? Published Date: 2007-11-30 11356 - Things that are forbidden in ihraam Published Date: 2007-11-28 49026 - One who does something forbidden and is unaware of the consequences Published Date: 2007-11-27 109331 - Is it permissible for a woman to wear perfume when she is in ihraam? Published Date: 2007-11-25 95860 - She did ‘Umrah and forgot to cut her hair, and her husband had intercourse with her Published Date: 2007-09-17 96679 - Pilgrim in ihraam wearing underwear Published Date: 2007-03-14 91979 - She wore the niqab and gloves during tawaaf al-ifaadah Published Date: 2007-01-13 69934 - Passing by the miqaat without entering ihram when intending to do ‘Umrah or Hajj Published Date: 2006-12-10 79025 - Is it permissible to wrap a piece of cloth around the middle of the body in addition to the ihraam garments? Published Date: 2006-11-27 60186 - Wearing a “sling” to carry a baby during ihraam Published Date: 2005-04-16 12516 - She did Hajj wearing niqaab – what should she do? Published Date: 2004-04-03 49043 - Does offering the fidyah make up for mistakes a person makes during Hajj? Published Date: 2004-02-09 49032 - Accepting perfume from another person so as not to offend him, when one is in ihraam Published Date: 2004-01-31 49034 - Wearing socks in ihraam for men and women Published Date: 2004-01-29 40825 - He masturbated whilst in ihraam Published Date: 2003-02-15 20710 - Should he wear gloves during tawaaf so that he will not touch women? Published Date: 2003-01-24