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Funerals and rulings on graves

10803 - She refuses to wash deceased women any more lest she becomes desensitized Published Date: 2001-01-19 8187 - The regular imaam of the mosque has more right to lead the funeral prayer Published Date: 2001-01-16 12530 - Offering condolences to the family of a sinner Published Date: 2001-01-15 9966 - It is better to have a large number of people to pray the funeral prayer Published Date: 2001-01-13 9942 - It is permissible for one of the spouses to wash the other after death Published Date: 2001-01-12 9947 - Who is more entitled to wash the deceased? Published Date: 2001-01-11 9979 - Ruling on reading Qur’aan over the grave of a dead person Published Date: 2001-01-09 9986 - Ruling on grave markers on which are written details of the deceased Published Date: 2001-01-08 11680 - Standing on the right of the imaam if the place is crowded for the funeral prayer Published Date: 2001-01-07 12624 - It is sufficient to greet the dead with salaam once when first entering the graveyard Published Date: 2001-01-06 12492 - Can the person who washes the deceased tell others about good or bad signs? Published Date: 2001-01-06 8191 - Should the person who has been killed wrongfully be washed? Published Date: 2001-01-04 8188 - Ruling on holding classes to teach people how to wash the dead Published Date: 2001-01-04 8192 - Where the imaam should stand for the funeral prayer Published Date: 2001-01-03 13307 - Making food during the mourning period Published Date: 2001-01-01 11962 - Medical tests on the body of a stillborn infant Published Date: 2000-12-20 9304 - Ruling on reciting al-Faatihah for the deceased Published Date: 2000-12-06 8231 - Putting the Mus-haf on the stomach of the deceased – and is there a set time limit for offering condolences? Published Date: 2000-11-21 8198 - Ruling on women visiting graves Published Date: 2000-11-05 12092 - Giving salaams to the inhabitants of the graves – should this be done by those who pass by or only by those who enter the graveyard? Published Date: 2000-10-04