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12823 - Bank’s interest is called riba (usury) in sharee’ah Published Date: 2002-01-28 21914 - Should he go for an interest-based mortgage if that is cheaper than renting? Published Date: 2002-01-17 2711 - Transferring money from one currency to another Published Date: 2001-07-09 1231 - It is not permissible for the vendor to charge extra to the one who makes late payments Published Date: 2001-04-07 9054 - Ruling on taking an interest-based loan for an urgent need Published Date: 2001-02-14 750 - This is the essence of ribaa Published Date: 2000-07-24 10825 - With his shares they bought shares in a ribaa-based bank Published Date: 2000-06-24 10234 - Ruling on buying a mosque with an interest-based loan Published Date: 2000-05-23 10233 - Lender referring a third party to debtor for extra money Published Date: 2000-05-23 9241 - He wants to bring in a person to take his place in a ribaa-based investment bank account to save himself Published Date: 2000-05-23 1120 - Is it permissible to deal with ribaa in a ribaa-based society? Published Date: 2000-05-18 7638 - Helping people to buy used cars with ribaa (interest) Published Date: 2000-04-09 1391 - Using something which was bought with ribaa Published Date: 2000-03-25 8141 - Ruling on taking ribaa from deposit accounts in kaafir banks Published Date: 2000-03-19 3077 - What should a person who his father borrowed with interest(Ribba) do Published Date: 2000-02-20 8967 - Filling out forms disclosing workers’ salaries at the request of riba-based banks Published Date: 2000-02-16 7840 - Delaying repayment of a bank loan so that they will waive the interest Published Date: 1999-08-12 6002 - Counterbalancing one another’s interest in the bank Published Date: 1999-08-05 4265 - Harmful effects of Riba Published Date: 1999-07-14 4943 - Her husband bought a house with riba – can she refuse to live in it? Published Date: 1999-07-06