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Youth Counselling

26192 - Dealing With a Sister Who Doesn’t Pray and is Misbehaved Published Date: 2002-09-29 9242 - Helping an old woman in her home Published Date: 2002-08-22 6398 - She wants to marry a person she loves but her family are refusing to let her Published Date: 2002-08-20 8981 - She committed adultery when she was a minor – should the hadd punishment be carried out on her? Published Date: 2002-08-17 20068 - He is homosexual and wants a remedy Published Date: 2002-07-27 20161 - Resisting sexual desires Published Date: 2002-05-06 14090 - Ruling on delaying marriage because of studies for one who fears that he may do something haraam Published Date: 2002-05-05 21284 - Helping Oppressed Muslims Published Date: 2002-04-07 14587 - Masturbating without using the hands Published Date: 2002-01-08 20012 - Cheating in school work Published Date: 2001-12-18 22340 - Offensive and impermissible jokes Published Date: 2001-12-15 21973 - He has contacted her several times saying that he wants to propose marriage, but she does not know anything about him Published Date: 2001-11-18 20162 - She married her boyfriend and is living a miserable life with him Published Date: 2001-11-11 22307 - He pretends to be a girl so that he can get the names of bad websites and get them closed down Published Date: 2001-10-24 22164 - Advice on the matter of spinsterhood Published Date: 2001-10-24 13811 - What the teacher did is haraam Published Date: 2001-07-14 13493 - It is essential to punish cell phone owners who send dirty messages Published Date: 2001-07-12 22050 - Looking at pictures of women led him to commit the “secret vice” Published Date: 2001-06-23 11404 - Her sister is friends with a homosexual man (we seek refuge with Allaah) Published Date: 2001-05-07 12608 - An example of the dangers of internet chat between the sexes Published Date: 2001-04-16