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Prohibited Jobs

11517 - Making a program which will be used for halaal and haraam Published Date: 2000-07-16 7489 - He has been an attractive job offer in the field of developing new kinds of pig meat Published Date: 2000-04-29 7432 - Ruling on growing tobacco Published Date: 2000-04-08 3149 - He works in a factory that makes tight and short clothes for women Published Date: 2000-04-07 681 - Working in restaurants where wine is served Published Date: 2000-04-01 3659 - Travelling to the land of the kuffaar to seek knowledge, and helping the kuffaar to make software Published Date: 2000-02-15 5237 - Working in an institute teaching interest-based financial courses Published Date: 1999-09-19 5334 - Ruling on working as an accountant in a company calculating the amount of riba, and he may not be able to find any other work Published Date: 1999-07-06 5008 - Working on programs which do the accounts for a company and include riba Published Date: 1999-07-04 3478 - Muslim working as a doctor in the kaafir army Published Date: 1999-05-24 3243 - Earnings of one who makes images Published Date: 1999-04-13 4029 - Work that involves protecting programs containing objectionable material Published Date: 1999-03-28 3609 - Taxi driver taking passengers to forbidden places Published Date: 1999-03-02 1190 - Ruling on shaving another man’s beard Published Date: 1998-10-04 2834 - Working as a systems engineer in a riba-based bank Published Date: 1998-09-10 2216 - Should he give up the idea of specializing in Pharmacy for fear of selling haraam products in the future? Published Date: 1998-06-23 866 - Working in a riba-based (interest-based) bank Published Date: 1998-05-11 1883 - Working in a store which sells pork pizza Published Date: 1998-04-25 1073 - Developing Computer Programs for Banks based on Interest Published Date: 1998-03-04 1052 - Muslim working in law enforcement in a non-Islamic country Published Date: 1998-03-03