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Gifts and Presents

72326 - Is it permissible for a husband to give a gift to his wife and not to the rest of his heirs? Published Date: 2006-08-30 82497 - Ruling on giving tips to plumbers, carpenters and phone company employees Published Date: 2006-03-11 82761 - If a father needs money, can he take money that his son has earned in a café? Published Date: 2006-02-21 75056 - He waived a financial right; can he renege on that waiving? Published Date: 2006-01-02 82386 - Giving a gift to a Qur’aan teacher Published Date: 2005-12-21 70272 - Can a gift not be given away or sold? Published Date: 2005-05-03 69790 - Her mother gave her brother a gift to the exclusion of his siblings. Is this gift permissible? Published Date: 2005-03-26 67652 - Does a mother have to be fair in giving gifts to her children? Published Date: 2005-03-11 47103 - His father gave him more than he gave to him; is this regarded as riba? Published Date: 2004-08-09 39661 - Is it permissible to accept a gift from a man who deals in riba? Published Date: 2004-03-03 22181 - Accepting a gift with strings attached from a non-Muslim Published Date: 2003-08-19 46797 - Can a Muslim accept a gift from his kaafir brother? Published Date: 2003-08-17 47148 - Buying back a gift from someone other than the one to whom it was given Published Date: 2003-08-17 34602 - Buying back a gift from the one to whom it was given Published Date: 2003-08-14 34591 - Accepting gifts and donations from haraam wealth Published Date: 2003-08-13 34640 - There is nothing wrong with accepting a gift and giving something of similar value to the giver Published Date: 2003-08-12 34614 - Which is better, giving a gift or giving charity? Published Date: 2003-08-11 34701 - The obligation to treat co-wives fairly in giving gifts Published Date: 2003-08-09 11564 - Accepting a gift from a kaafir Published Date: 2003-03-27 11585 - Giver buying the gift from the person to whom it was given Published Date: 2003-03-24