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Fiqh of the family

988 - He loves a woman but his mother disrespects her because of her origins Published Date: 1998-08-10 1805 - Wants to marry a girl but his father does not approve of her Published Date: 1998-08-09 854 - What should a Muslim do when he wants to consummate his marriage? Published Date: 1998-08-02 2135 - Premarital sex, and is it the parents’ obligation to arrange marriage for their children? Published Date: 1998-07-24 2529 - Wants to marry a girl who has repented of her past but his mother does not approve Published Date: 1998-07-22 2221 - What is done between the engagement and the marriage contract, and the marriage contract and the wedding party Published Date: 1998-07-17 1431 - Loving a man in secret and praying that she will marry him Published Date: 1998-07-15 2381 - Fighting for love Published Date: 1998-06-20 2132 - A Christian woman got married in a church then became Muslim Published Date: 1998-06-15 2067 - What to recite during a marriage ceremony Published Date: 1998-06-09 2021 - Asking about a person’s past Published Date: 1998-05-31 1897 - Shaking hands etc. after nikaah Published Date: 1998-04-30 682 - Father preventing his son from marrying because he needs his help to take care of siblings Published Date: 1998-04-03 653 - Divorced wife due to her family’s use of sihr (magic or witchcraft) Published Date: 1998-03-26 1249 - If A Wife Deserts Her Husband Marriage Will Not Be Nullified Published Date: 1998-03-17 1103 - Ruling on Intercourse with a Woman in her rectum Published Date: 1998-03-04 225 - No prescribed period for consummating marriage Published Date: 1997-08-18