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Reciting the Quraan Over a Sick

3476 - The virtues of ruqyah and du’aa’s to be recited therein Published Date: 2002-09-24 3839 - Are physical medicines better, or ruqyah and spiritual medicine? Published Date: 2001-07-01 8036 - Treating cancer with the Qur’aan Published Date: 2000-11-05 11115 - Ruqyah by phone Published Date: 2000-10-01 11026 - Writing aayahs and tying them on one’s  body Published Date: 2000-09-23 11055 - Drinking water in which papers have been washed Published Date: 2000-09-21 11116 - Sniffing wolf-skin in order to detect the presence of a jinn Published Date: 2000-09-20 11063 - Ruling on sick person visualizing the one who put the evil eye on him Published Date: 2000-09-19 11058 - Using stamps on which there are du’aa’s instead of writing Published Date: 2000-09-11 11049 - Raaqi touching some part of a woman’s body in order to expel jinn Published Date: 2000-09-10 11982 - Reading Qur’aan over a ring then wearing it Published Date: 2000-08-27 1029 - Is it permissible for the raaqi to touch the woman for whom he is reciting ruqyah? Published Date: 2000-01-26 1009 - More than one reader reciting over one sick person Published Date: 2000-01-25 7872 - More than one raaqi reading into one bottle Published Date: 2000-01-22 7874 - What conditions should be met by a “raaqi”*? Published Date: 2000-01-20 6714 - Is it permissible to perform ruqyah for a sick person who is a kaafir? Published Date: 1999-12-13 1815 - Why will the people who ask others for Ruqyah be of a lesser status? Published Date: 1999-05-17 645 - Writing aayaat of the Qur’aan, washing the words and drinking the water Published Date: 1999-05-14