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Manners of Greeting with Salaam

110354 - When do the rulings on an adolescent girl begin to apply to a little girl? Published Date: 2008-02-19 82637 - Wiping the face after du’aa’ and placing the hand over the heart after greeting someone Published Date: 2006-10-01 69824 - Ruling on shaking hands with an old woman and a young girl Published Date: 2006-04-09 72231 - Is it bid’ah for a person who is already there to say salaam to one who has just arrived? Published Date: 2005-09-14 60351 - Female students kissing one another every day Published Date: 2005-08-12 36760 - Ruling on shaking hands with one’s mother’s maternal aunt Published Date: 2005-05-06 67801 - Is it valid to greet people by saying salaamun ‘alaykum? Published Date: 2005-03-08 47951 - Is it permissible to use the expression “greetings” or “best wishes”? Published Date: 2004-09-07 48984 - Greeting the Shi’ah first Published Date: 2003-10-10 48966 - Greeting a kaafir first Published Date: 2003-10-02 43154 - Returning greetings to kaafirs falls into three categories Published Date: 2003-05-24 43104 - It is not permissible to shake hands with a non-mahram woman, even from behind a barrier Published Date: 2003-05-04 20818 - If there is no one in the house should he still say salaam? Published Date: 2003-01-16 31064 - Ruling on greeting with a wave of the hand Published Date: 2002-10-05 14508 - Ruling on shaking hands with an old woman Published Date: 2002-09-25 12566 - Ruling on initiating the salaam when speaking on the telephone Published Date: 2002-09-24 30791 - Prohibition on shaking hands with paternal uncle’s wife even if she is old Published Date: 2002-07-03 21608 - Ruling on male student shaking hands with a female classmate Published Date: 2002-04-10 11559 - Ruling on greeting a non-Muslim teacher Published Date: 2001-06-05 10512 - Is it permissible to delay returning salaams because of enmity? Published Date: 2001-02-08