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Keeping Contact with Kinship

83806 - Is he obliged to attend the waleemah when there is someone there who will offend him with his words and actions? Published Date: 2006-04-08 71330 - Is wearing a watch on the right hand in accordance with the Sunnah? Published Date: 2006-01-27 78737 - His problems with his maternal uncle caused him to fail his exam; can he ask him for compensation? Published Date: 2005-12-17 75057 - Who are the kindred (arhaam) with whom one must uphold the ties of kinship? Published Date: 2005-12-09 69905 - Ruling on participating in a tribal co-op Published Date: 2005-11-06 14630 - Rights of brothers and sisters Published Date: 2002-10-09 11757 - Her husband will not let their children visit their kaafir grandparents Published Date: 2000-08-22 10132 - He visits his aunt and problems arise as a result Published Date: 2000-06-25 5158 - Can he travel to a kaafir country for the sake of upholding family ties? Published Date: 1999-09-14 1426 - Rulings on upholding the ties of kinship for females Published Date: 1999-06-11 4631 - Broken ties of kinship and relationships Published Date: 1999-06-09 4428 - Number of times a wife can visit her family Published Date: 1999-04-23 2294 - Visiting relatives who have a satellite dish in their homes Published Date: 1999-03-08 1398 - Du’aa’ for guidance of someone close Published Date: 1998-09-08 793 - Dealing with hurtful relatives Published Date: 1998-05-16 1808 - Advice: Separating women from non-mahram* men in family visits Published Date: 1998-05-13 701 - Cutting off ties with a non-Muslim sister Published Date: 1998-03-30