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Love and the steps that lead to immoral actions

39923 - He looks for bad sites to send them to the centre which will block them. Is this good or bad? Published Date: 2004-11-23 47405 - He is in love with a girl and wants to marry her Published Date: 2004-10-01 44819 - He had a relationship with a girl for two years, can he propose marriage to her? Published Date: 2003-10-13 40618 - Can she uncover her face in front of her sister’s husband? Published Date: 2003-08-20 41693 - She has committed haraam actions with her fiancé Published Date: 2003-08-18 20949 - Friendship and love between a man and a woman Published Date: 2003-05-31 39770 - Ruling on being intimate with a non-mahram woman without intercourse Published Date: 2003-04-26 27259 - Ruling on the things that lead to zina – kissing, touching and being alone together Published Date: 2003-04-09 34841 - Men and women talking in chat rooms Published Date: 2003-04-07 33702 - He fell in love with a girl then he repented. Can he be friends with her? Published Date: 2003-03-17 7650 - She did something haraam with her husband’s brother Published Date: 2003-01-24 10374 - Bus driver being alone with a woman Published Date: 2002-09-28 26258 - Woman riding with a non-mahram man Published Date: 2002-07-07 12879 - Ruling on a man hugging a woman Published Date: 2002-06-18 23349 - Prohibition on either spouse forming a relationship with someone else just for fun Published Date: 2002-06-08 10532 - He is worried and distressed as a result of a haraam relationship Published Date: 2001-03-24 9465 - Why is it forbidden for a man and a woman who are not mahrams to have a relationship? Published Date: 2000-10-25 1578 - If the child of zinaa is present, will he be a chaperone for the two who committed zinaa? Published Date: 2000-06-20 7492 - She wants to go out with her fiance to make sure about him so that there will not be a disaster Published Date: 2000-04-22 1200 - EvidenceProhibiting of Mixing of Men and Women Published Date: 2000-04-03