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Love and the steps that lead to immoral actions

5583 - What is the ruling on having thoughts of intercourse even before marriage Published Date: 1999-12-30 6102 - Should she cut off her ties with her adopted brother who has left Islam (is an apostate)? Published Date: 1999-11-24 5395 - Women watching men on TV with no desire Published Date: 1999-10-16 5445 - Muslim man who has relationships with non-Muslim women Published Date: 1999-10-14 4697 - Christian woman living with a Muslim outside of marriage Published Date: 1999-07-01 4688 - She had a relationship with a man and wants to marry him, but her parents refuse and her mother is crying Published Date: 1999-06-29 326 - He is in love with a girl but cannot marry her Published Date: 1999-06-23 3807 - Pre-marital relationships are not permissible Published Date: 1999-01-19 2572 - Limits of looking at one’s fiancée and the ruling on touching her and being alone with her. Is her permission a condition of being allowed to look at her? Published Date: 1998-11-22 2986 - Khulwah of female passenger riding in taxi driven by a man Published Date: 1998-09-24 2252 - Ruling on reading stories with sexual content and looking at dirty pictures Published Date: 1998-09-02 2251 - Woman’s former boyfriend took her away from Islam Published Date: 1998-09-02 2487 - Expiation for haraam sexual activity Published Date: 1998-07-07 2085 - It is forbidden to have a love relationship with anyone except one's husband Published Date: 1998-06-11 217 - Mixing or travelling with the husband's brother Published Date: 1998-05-11 591 - Abnormal relationship between women Published Date: 1998-03-25 671 - In love with a none-believer Published Date: 1997-11-21