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Spending on those under ones responsibility

47705 - Can she give charity from her housekeeping money without her husband’s knowledge? Published Date: 2006-04-15 12465 - Does she have to obey her husband if he tells her to work outside the home? Published Date: 2004-03-29 20886 - The wife is not entitled to maintenance if she refused to go back to her husband’s house Published Date: 2002-03-04 12214 - Do parents have any rights to the wealth of a married daughter? Published Date: 2001-09-15 21658 - Will a Muslim be rewarded for spending on building? Published Date: 2001-09-06 2686 - If a woman works, does she have to pay the household expenses? Published Date: 2001-07-09 10122 - Her husband has left Islam; is she entitled to maintenance during the ‘iddah period? Published Date: 2001-02-21 10116 - Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the bible Published Date: 2001-02-16 10038 - He does not work and his wife is spending on him – is this considered to be a debt that he owes? Published Date: 2000-07-10 10608 - To whom should he give preference, his mother or his wife? Published Date: 2000-06-26 5591 - Her husband wants her to work outside the home Published Date: 2000-03-16 5500 - What should he do when his kaafir father asks him for money? Published Date: 2000-03-15 6026 - Spending on one’s relatives Published Date: 1999-11-11 4838 - He is in need and his brother is a music-writer Published Date: 1999-10-08 4282 - The son has a family and his father is exhausting him with his financial demands Published Date: 1999-04-07 1836 - Wife and children eating from the husband’s haraam earnings Published Date: 1998-12-31 215 - A minor whose parents' income is haraam Published Date: 1997-08-31