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Friday Prayer

217981 - He missed Jumu‘ah and prayed Zuhr, then he found a mosque where they were praying Jumu‘ah Published Date: 2015-04-16 26198 - It is not correct to combine ‘Asr with Jumu’ah Published Date: 2010-06-16 20494 - Sending blessings upon the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) during Jumu’ah Published Date: 2010-04-15 13692 - The virtues of Jumu’ah (Friday) prayer Published Date: 2010-02-16 22121 - Reading Qur’aan over loudspeakers before Jumu’ah Published Date: 2008-06-19 14073 - Doing ghusl for Jumu’ah is prescribed as Sunnah when getting ready to go to the prayer Published Date: 2008-03-12 22278 - Can one use the miswaak during the khutbah? Published Date: 2007-05-22 13815 - Acts of worship which are prescribed on Fridays Published Date: 2006-07-30 60318 - When do the first and second “hours” on Friday begin? Published Date: 2005-08-17 41731 - Prohibition on stepping over people who are sitting in the mosque on Friday Published Date: 2005-02-08 11556 - They work in an area where no people live; do they have to pray Jumu’ah? Published Date: 2004-04-07 36530 - He works in a factory and cannot go to Jumu’ah prayer Published Date: 2003-12-28 45651 - The ruling on being silent and speaking during the khutbah (sermon) on Friday Published Date: 2003-09-18 22185 - He receives accident victims in the hospital – is it permissible for him to miss Jumu’ah prayers? Published Date: 2003-08-18 31897 - Raising the hands when making du’aa’ on Fridays Published Date: 2003-06-18 13482 - Establishing another jamaa’ah in the mosque Published Date: 2003-04-05 34617 - His boss does not let him attend Jumu’ah prayer Published Date: 2002-10-28 9211 - Virtues of Friday Published Date: 2002-10-15 26800 - Can Jumu’ah prayer be held in Dar al-Harb? Published Date: 2002-05-07 26807 - Employees whose work means that they have to continue working at the time of Jumu’ah Published Date: 2002-05-03