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Ruling on working for or buying magazines whose content is mostly haraam, as is the case with many women’s magazines, both Arabic and western

Publication : 13-06-2008

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Can you please tell me what dose Islam say, about these newspapers, that are in these Muslim countries, with pictures of woman and man and other living things on them, and you will see advertisements of things which are against Islam. You can read about actors, singers and dancers and when you open these newspapers you will see a big picture of kaffir woman or a kaffir man dress in kaffir clothes. You will also find what new movies are playing. You can read about how to get your face look the best or how to get your nose look perfect. Beside these things you will find many other things that are prohibited in Islam, but on the other side you will also find news of the local city, country and the world news. You can read about sports, business, stocks that are haraam in Islam. After all this, is working in these newspaper companies Halaal or Haraam. 
And in the western society you see the local Muslim news papers, where there are adds for getting people loans on low interest getting people house on low interest and Indian movies stores adds and then there is the entertainment section about dancing and music picture of half naked girls and picture of fashion that is against Islam. 
The person who works for a newspaper like this, is his income halaal or haraam. I mean all the people who are involved in it, from the one who writes the news from the one who prints it, from the one who delivers it, are there income halaal or haraam.
And reading these newspapers is that halaal or haraam
The people who are doing this work are they committing a sin and the ones who are reading it too.
Then we have these newspapers in the western countries which are full of things that are totally against Islam, picture of half naked girls in them, other topics of sex, drinking, music, movies, interest, gambling and many other things which are against Islam, you think it is ok for us Muslims to buy such a newspaper which has all this information in it, they might be some good in it but 99% is evil. 
Now the person who works for such a newspaper company is his income halaal or haraam? and every one who is involved in this operation does not matter what level they are at, how much they are involved in it, but they are a part of it some how, is there income halaal or haraam?
Are they committing a great sin.? Are we when buying such a product committing a sin?


Praise be to Allah.

Working for such newspapers and magazines whose content is mostly haraam is not permissible, and the income from such work is also haraam, because when Allaah forbids a thing He also forbids its price. It is also haraam to distribute them, read them, buy them or sell them, and anything else that has to do with them. Rather we must boycott them. 

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Source: Shaykh ‘Abd al-Kareem al-Khudayr