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1 Is the reward less if someone reads Qur’an from a mobile phone or recites from memory?
2 Rights and duties of the mother’s husband and the stepdaughter
3 When should zakaah on crops and fruits be paid?
4 Ruling on saying “There is no shyness [haya’] in religion”
5 Doing Tawaaf and completing the Qur’aan on behalf of the deceased
6 Response to a dubious question about where Allah is if the angels are carrying the Throne
7 He opened an account in the bank, and they gave him life insurance for free
8 There are saheeh reports about the virtues of Bilaad ash-Shaam (Greater Syria), so why are there so many people in that region who are far away from any religious commitment?
9 How can someone pay zakaah who is owed money, does business and owes debts?
10 The value of the currency has changed, how can the loan be repaid?
11 It is permissible for a woman to cut her hair for the purpose of adornment, and there is nothing wrong with that
12 Ruling on eating synthetic meat produced by using stem cells
13 If he has repented from pointing the way to sin, will Allah forgive him even though the impact of his bad deed is ongoing?
14 Does the Qur’an mention the bliss of the believing women in Paradise?
15 Ruling on Muslims participating in the Hindu festival of Holi
16 Paying for monthly Internet service even though he only uses it for a few hours
17 The correct way of dealing for those whose business is money transfer
18 Selling My Way company products without getting involved in multilevel marketing
19 Did the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) issue rulings and instructions on the basis of his own opinion (ijtihad)?
20 If a sick person refuses treatment and bears it with patience, will he attain the reward?
21 A young man is faced with desires when awake and has wet dreams about his sister!
22 Teaching children to memorise the Qur’an using illustrations
23 She wants to imagine married life in the future
24 How to apply patience when faced with tests
25 Fard (obligatory) prayer takes precedence over nafl (supererogatory) prayer, carries more weight, and it is greater in reward
26 Definition of sharee‘ah (sharia), fiqh and usool al-fiqh
27 He loves his deceased father and wants to do something good for him
28 He appointed him to slaughter the udhiyah, but Eid in the country of the person appointed to do that comes before Eid in the country of the one who appointed him
29 Ruling on dividend bonds and investment certificates with prizes
30 The difference between Islam and eemaan (faith, belief)
31 When does fear of harm caused by the jinn or by people constitute shirk?
32 She had a miscarriage after entering ihraam for ‘umrah of Hajj tamattu‘; can she do tawaaf, and how should she complete her Hajj?
33 He left Makkah before doing the tawaaf and sa‘i of Hajj
34 If someone reaches Makkah at Zuhr on the day of ‘Arafah and goes out to ‘Arafaat and does not do tawaaf al-qudoom (tawaf of arrival)
35 Is it prescribed to kiss the Black Stone without doing tawaaf?
36 He formed the intention to do sa‘i during the first lap
37 Should a bald man who has no hair pass a razor over his head?
38 When he reaches Muzdalifah he should pray Maghrib and ‘Ishaa’, putting them together at the time of the earlier or later prayer
39 Do they have to stay in Mina after stoning the Jamaraat on the 13th of Dhu’l-Hijjah?
40 He is not sure whether he threw six or seven pebbles when stoning the Jamrah on behalf of someone else
41 Is it permissible to take stones or earth from Muzdalifah or from the Haram?
42 She was not sure how many circuits of tawaaf she had done, and she did another circuit after one quarter of an hour
43 He did ‘umrah as part of Hajj tamattu‘, then he went out of Makkah; does he have to come back in ihraam for Hajj?
44 He did one lap of saa‘i, then went up to the roof to complete his saa‘i
45 Ruling on one who feels exhausted before completing tawaaf
46 It is not essential to mention the name of the person on whose behalf one is doing Hajj or ‘umrah
47 He entered ihram for ‘umrah, then he got tired and cancelled his ihraam out of ignorance; he has done ‘umrah and Hajj since then. What should he do?
48 He intended to do Hajj for himself, then he decided to change his intention and do it on behalf of a relative of his. Is it permissible for him to do that?
49 He forgot one circuit of tawaaf so he did it after completing saa‘i
50 Someone who is doing tamattu‘ entered ihraam for Hajj from ‘Arafah on the 8th of Dhu’l-Hijjah
51 Whoever does not find any space in Mina should spend the night close to it
52 It is not permissible for the pilgrim who is doing tamattu‘ to do the sa‘i of Hajj before standing in ‘Arafah and halting in Muzdalifah
53 He did not do tawaf al-ifaadah or sa‘i because he did not know that they are required, then he did ‘umrah several times after that
54 What should he say during tawaaf?
55 Can a woman do Hajj qiraan because it is easier than tamattu‘?
56 He entered ihram some distance after passing the miqaat; does he have to do anything?
57 She passed her miqaat and entered ihram from a different miqaat
58 He forgot to enter ihram on the plane; should he go back to the miqaat and enter ihram from there?
59 She was financially and physically able but she did not do Hajj because she had no mahram, then she died. Is it obligatory to do Hajj on her behalf?
60 Should he gave precedence to Hajj over taking a second wife?
61 Disability does not mean that prayer is not obligatory
62 Waswasah regarding purity (taharah) and how to deal with it
63 No zakaah is required on wealth that is given as a waqf to help people get married
64 Etiquette of giving advice
65 Is it acceptable to say that Allah is beyond place and time?
66 The virtue of one who regularly offers the five daily prayers and does them as enjoined
67 Grave disagreement and arguments between the spouses; should we advise them to get divorced?
68 Is zakaah due on what a Muslim owns of cars and houses?
69 Ruling on prize draws in shopping centres
70 Reflections upon the hadith of the cistern, and the groups whom the angels will push away from it
71 Bearing in mind the meaning of the words and actions of the prayer
72 The difference between zakaah and taxes
73 How can a sick person pray who, if he stands up he is not able to sit down, and if he sits down he is not able to stand up?
74 Ruling on making up six days of Shawwaal in Dhu’l-Qa‘dah
75 Using someone else’s internet connection
76 He is asking about a source for a report from Abu Haneefah and ‘Ali about their view that women who were pregnant and breastfeeding should make up the fasts and do not have to offer the fidyah
77 He committed zina during the day in Ramadan, and is afraid that if he fasts two consecutive months he will be exposed to shame, so can he feed sixty poor persons?
78 They committed a shameful deed during the day in Ramadan, and they were unaware that it is obligatory to offer expiation
79 Is it bid‘ah to add to the takbeeraat of Eid salawaat upon the Messenger of Allah and his family and wives?
80 He is asking about playing recordings of the takbeer during the days of Eid
81 Her nifaas is intermittent and the bleeding is very light. Should she fast?
82 If he does not serve tea and coffee to his bosses who are not fasting, they may fire him from his job
83 Ruling on using plasma injections to treat hair loss; does it break the fast?
84 Her menses ended but there is still some blood in the urine; should she fast?
85 She drank water when she was unsure of whether dawn had broken
86 He had intercourse with his wife during the day in Ramadan, under the influence of drugs
87 The wisdom behind the chaining up of the devils in Ramadan
88 Can a Hanbali treat with cupping (hijamah) someone who does not think that cupping breaks the fast?
89 The post-partum bleeding (nifaas) stopped, then she saw some drops of blood; what is the ruling on her fasting in that case?
90 The hadith “If dawn comes when a person is junub, he should not fast”
91 If he swallows saliva after it came out to the lips, does that break the fast, and is there scholarly consensus on the issue?
92 Does having a lumbar puncture break the fast?
93 Ruling on selling food during the day in Ramadan to non-Muslims
94 Ruling on eating after the adhaan for Fajr because of uncertainty as to whether the timing of the adhaan is correct
95 Should he start with tawaaf of ‘umrah or taraweeh?
96 She prescribed a nebuliser to a patient and told him that it did not break the fast, then she found out that it does break the fast. What should she do?
97 Can we rely on Ramadan timetables?
98 What is the ruling on breaking the fast because of hunger or thirst?
99 Ruling on breaking the fast in order to play football (soccer) when travelling and otherwise, and the ruling on travelling fans breaking the fast
100 He took a bit of dry skin off his lips when he was fasting, then swallowed it with his saliva