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1 How to deal with love for the opposite sex before marriage
2 What are the results of pairing faith with righteousness?
3 Does there have to be love between husband and wife?
4 Is it essential to wash away dirt under the nails when doing wudoo’?
5 Is it permissible for him to give his Christian classmate a ride to the church in hopes of softening his heart towards Islam?
6 If someone does not believe in the Last Day, no faith or righteous deeds will benefit him at all
7 Can he take back the zakaah of his wealth if he gave it to a poor person then found out that he did not need it?
8 What is the ruling on using an injection of olive oil over which ruqyah has been recited into the vagina
9 Ruling on deliberately uttering the word of divorce in a program for treating OCD
10 What are the means of making death, the grave and the Day of Resurrection stations of joy and happiness?
11 He receives dollars from a customer in America to exchange them for pounds in his country, in return for commission
12 Physical action is an essential part of faith without which faith is not sound
13 How sound is the hadith about the virtue of shaking hand with one’s wife when entering the home?
14 He owns half of the company’s capital and takes an extra percentage in return for managing the company; how should he pay zakaah?
15 What is meant by saying “Allah is in heaven”
16 He owns a gold watch; how can he dispose of it in such a way that he does not commit any infraction?
17 The virtue of catching up with the opening takbeer is not cancelled out by putting two prayers together in the mosque
18 Going to horoscope pages and channels in order to refute them
19 The ruling on adding “ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem” when mentioning the name of Allah before doing wudoo’
20 Ruling on giving zakaah to charitable organisations that help displaced people and migrants
21 Does he have to return the money that his brother spent on him?
22 Ruling on the allowance that the state gives her to look after an orphan
23 Are wudoo’ and ghusl valid when there is dried blood on a wound?
24 Mourning for the husband, and what is required during this period according to the four madhhabs
25 Who are the people of the Qur’an who are the people of Allah and the closest to Him?
26 He was entrusted with something and did not take proper care of it, and he has no wealth; could he be given zakaah to pay off this trust?
27 He did not utter the word of divorce or write it down, but he asked the lawyer to issue the wife a threat of divorce
28 How can he complete what he starts?
29 Ruling on the teacher imposing a financial penalty on students who fall short
30 Her husband spends his wealth on haraam things; can she take some of it without his knowledge to save it for the children?
31 Ruling on marriage for a woman who has a genetic defect and on contraception because of the possibility of children being born with a deformity
32 Ruling on working for UberEATS (delivering food that may be halal or haram)
33 Affirmation of mahram relationship, even when there is a difference of religion
34 Ruling on accepting the compensation estimated by the owner of the car showroom
35 Ruling on meat slaughtered by an uncircumcised person
36 Ruling on removing hair from the ear with fire
37 Giving charity to a charitable hospital that is owned by a man with a bad reputation
38 Prophet Zakariyya’s sponsorship of Maryam
39 Ruling on consuming carrageenan
40 If a garment touches another garment on which there is some najaasah that is wet, is this najaasah transferred to it as a result?
41 Was al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) a man who married and divorced a lot?
42 Ruling on giving zakaah to a children’s cancer hospital
43 He wants to know that hadiths that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) instructed us to memorise
44 He is investing money in a company that will give him 3% of his capital for a period of ninety days
45 If a Christian congratulates a Muslim on special occasions, how should he respond?
46 The time of his lecture coincides with the time of Jumu‘ah prayer
47 Is it permissible to rent an apartment to two Christian women, with whom there is a Christian man who is not related to them?
48 What does Islam say about the phenomenon of déjà vu? What should a person do if that happens to him?
49 Repentance from having taken his sisters’ share of the inheritance
50 Ruling on buying a product from a website in which the description contains mockery of Allah, may He be exalted
51 He sells an item that he does not own on the Internet, and asks the distributor to ship it directly to the customer
52 Someone believes that the awliya’ are our protectors, and he quotes a verse from the Qur’an as evidence
53 Ruling on selling a game account with its points and levels
54 She grew up stealing, and she doesn’t pray or fast, but she wants to repent
55 The management at work force him to wear a uniform that has a cross on it
56 Ruling on cashback offers with credit cards
57 If someone listens to Soorat al-Mulk before going to sleep, will he receive the same reward as one who recites the soorah?
58 How can I advise my son who is going to start school, about the dangers he may face, without causing him anxiety or making him afraid?
59 Guidelines for lawyers
60 Warning about da‘eef hadiths that speak of the virtues of some soorahs of the Qur’an
61 Ruling on giving chickens antibiotics that may harm those who eat them
62 Does cutting hair on the sides of the head only come under the heading of qaza‘?
63 How can the Muslim rid himself of a bad attitude and acquire a good attitude?
64 False messages about the special characteristics of some soorahs of the Qur’an
65 Is it obligatory to entrust all our affairs to Allah?
66 Ruling on wiping over shoes
67 She became Muslim recently, and she appointed a Muslim man as her guardian, and he married her himself
68 The obligatory parts and sunnahs of wudoo’
69 He agrees to do jobs such as writing, translating and designing, then he hires someone else to do them
70 Guidelines concerning implicit phrases of divorce
71 The soundness of the hadith “O Allah, Who relieves worry and distress…”
72 How sound are the reports that the du‘aa’ of the pregnant woman is accepted?
73 Obstacles to marriage: are they all valid excuses for young people who want to get married?
74 Warning against jokes that mock some verses of the Qur’an
75 On the issue of whether ignorance is a valid excuse
76 Is it permissible to allow some of his children to build on the land to the exclusion of others?
77 Ruling on promoting Amazon products, and the ruling on use of cookies
78 Is it acceptable for his salary to be a percentage of the income of the dentist’s clinic, in addition to a fixed amount?
79 He prayed in a direction opposite to the qiblah out of ignorance
80 Why children rebel against parents and how to deal with it
81 He said to her “I divorce you” or “You are divorced” with the intention of threatening and scaring her
82 a seeker of knowledge conveys to people the fatwas of scholars in response to their questions, but he is not sure about the ruling on that
83 What is the ruling on someone who describes another person as a Jew, meaning that he is miserly or greedy?
84 Rulings for one who is late for the congregational prayer
85 Will there be any good left at times of tribulation? And how can one protect oneself from tribulations?
86 How to form frendships
87 What are the hindrances to faith and what promotes it?
88 Is the Arab Muslim better than the non-Arab Muslim?
89 Leaving Treatment for a Terminally Ill Child Expected to Die at a Certain Age
90 What are the husband’s obligations towards his children and his ex-wife who has custody of them?
91 Who is the accountable person who must enter Islam, and follow its teachings?
92 Watching animated movies and shows that contain matters contrary to Islamic belief or associate others with Allah
93 Khushoo‘ (proper focus and humility) in prayer
94 He made divorce conditional upon something, then he forgot what it was
95 She does not like the name that her husband chose for the baby girl, and she calls her by a different name
96 Ruling on working in a pharmacy and making or selling medicines containing alcohol or haraam gelatine
97 Ruling on the wealth of an Alzheimer’s patient who entrusted it to the care of someone else before she became sick
98 If the husband disappears without a trace, who is obliged to spend on his wife?
99 Ruling on participating in a social solidarity fund for a group of doctors
100 One type of disbelief (kufr) is disbelief because of doubt