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1 Can he pray two rak‘ahs with more than one niyyah (intention)?
2 Will a divorced woman attain the same reward as the widow who raised her children?
3 Is it prescribed for the imam to greet the people in the mosque when he comes in?
4 Can Allah be described as having protective jealousy (gheerah)? Can it be said that Allah has protective jealousy for His Prophets and close friends?
5 He has a sister who is not Muslim; she wants to take a riba-based loan then give him a loan without interest
6 Ruling on working as a baker in a restaurant that serves alcohol in a western country
7 Is it obligatory to tell a suitor that the woman was previously divorced in a marriage that was not consummated?
8 He stole some money from his family when he was younger; can he return it to them by spending on them?
9 They found a dead woman in India and do not know whether she was a Muslim or a disbeliever; should they offer the funeral prayer for her?
10 Ruling on her sitting with her non-Muslim parents when they are drinking alcohol
11 The mahram relationship is not established if there is any doubt about the number of breastfeedings
12 Ruling on ‘aqeeqah for a foundling
14 Oppressors monetary support
15 He vowed to give charity if he recovered the money that was owed to him, and he recovered half of it; does he have to give in charity?
16 Saying 'Bismillah' when a child starts eating
17 How can the Muslim begin to seek knowledge?
18 Is it permissible to rent property in order to give it as collateral for a loan?
19 Guidelines on taking means and measures
20 Artificial rainfall – facts and scholarly opinions
21 Ruling on covering up for someone who committed sin
22 What is the ruling on saying “Praise be to Allah to the ultimate degree”?
23 Is the hadith “If there were to be a Prophet after me, it would be ‘Umar” saheeh?
24 The hadith “At the beginning of every century Allah will send to this ummah someone who will renew its religious understanding”
25 The difference between hamd (praise) and shukr (thanks)
26 If the spouses disagree as to whether divorce has happened or not, then what counts is the husband’s word, unless the wife can produce proof
27 Suggested alternatives to electronic games
28 He wants to take out a loan with interest to set up a business that will benefit poor Muslims
29 He took a student loan and did not know that it is haraam
30 Ruling on having one’s tubes tied or having a hysterectomy because pregnancy exhausts her and temporary methods of contraception do not work for her
31 His father gave him money for his university fees but he spent it on other things
32 What is the ruling on eating vanilla when it is immersed in alcohol during preparation?
33 Is the husband obliged to spend on his wife if she is working? Does he have the right to take anything of her salary?
34 Does he interrupt a person’s prayer if he stretches his arm out to pick up something that is in front of the worshipper?
35 If his non-Muslim relative says to him I love you, can he respond in like manner?
36 He is living alone and has no job, and he is blaming Islam
37 What does it mean to say that affirming a divine attribute dictates negation of its opposite?
38 A Christian woman had a civil marriage, and she wants to have an Islamic marriage with another man without the first husband having divorced her
39 Refutation of the specious argument which suggests that it is permissible to work in a riba-based bank because it is not possible to avoid doing business with people who engage in riba in the modern financial system
40 How did the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) braid his hair when it grew long?
41 Is the wife entitled to a monthly allowance?
42 He divorced her thrice during a period of purity in which he had had intercourse with her
43 Evidence for the prescription of udhiyah, and whether it is obligatory or recommended
44 Is it permissible for the wife to save some of her money and her husband’s money without him knowing?
45 Ruling on working for a company that delivers various kinds of documents and parcels
46 Reasons for the difference of opinion among the fuqaha’ about reciting behind the imam
47 Is it permissible for him to take Canadian nationality because of persecution in his own country?
48 There is a girl who wants to embrace Islam but she is afraid of her family’s mistreatment
49 Some of the Sahaabah (may Allah be pleased with them) who memorised the Book of Allah, may He be exalted
50 Ruling on using a water purification system that wastes a lot of water
51 There is no contradiction between the description of the Qur’an as being clear and explained in detail, and the appearance of the huroof muqatta‘ah in it
52 Guidelines on seeking permission to enter
53 It is Sunnah for the one who recites the verse Sabbih isma Rabbika al-A‘la to say Subhaana Rabbiy al-A‘la
54 Studying fiqh according to a particular madhhab, and advanced books about tafseer and fiqh
55 She has gone to her family’s home and is claiming that she is not married because the marriage was not documented
56 Ruling on saying “good luck” or “bad luck”
57 Refutation of those who quote the Holy Qur’an to reject the Sunnah and justify not acting upon it
58 He said to his wife: “I divorce you” or “I am divorcing you”
59 He is asking about reinterpreting the Qur’an and Sunnah to suit the age
60 Refutation of those who claim that the hadiths which speak of executing the apostate are contrary to the Qur’an
61 Do ultrasound images of a pregnant woman come under the same ruling as images of ‘awraat that it is haraam to look at?
62 Ruling on working as a tax adviser
63 Commentary on the hadith “People are like a hundred camels, among which you can hardly find one that is fit for riding”
64 Her guardians refused to arrange her marriage, so the local imam did the marriage contract without documentation
65 Importance of reflection and taking stock of oneself
66 Ruling on using money, stamps and letters on which there are images representing kufr
67 He is asking about increasing the size of the space that the believer will have in Paradise
68 He is asking about the significance of incorruptibility of the body after death of the followers of some religions
69 He is asking about the meaning of the word “Mahammadim” in the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament
70 Infallibility of the Prophets
71 The covenant taken from the sons of Adam is the fitrah
72 He said to his wife: If you do not do such and such, then you can go, or I don’t need you
73 Should she travel and leave her sister who cannot take good care of herself?
74 Ruling on drinking date and grape juice before it ferments
75 Ruling on using mobile phones and computers if it is proven that they contain gold
76 Did the Prophet of Allah Sulaymaan (peace be upon him) force the queen of Saba’ to become Muslim?
77 A hadith which says that a Bedouin came to the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) and asked him about many things
78 The imam always recites in Fajr prayer the beginning of Soorat al-Kahf and the end of Soorat al-Jumu ‘ah. What is the ruling on that?
79 False reports than attribute some linguistic errors to the Holy Qur’an
80 Should they join their father in celebrating the Gregorian New Year so that they can get some money from him for their mother who is poor?
81 Is it prescribed to say Bismillah fi awwalihi wa aakhirihi if you did not say Bismillah when beginning an action?
82 He makes a deal to sell perfumes then he imports them
83 The prohibition on masturbation is not from a medical point of view only
84 What is the concept of the Christian Trinity that the Qur’an declares to be false?
85 Could you tell me some of the deeds that the Messenger of Allah did during the Makkan period that indicate his confidence that he was indeed the Messenger of Allah?
86 Imam Ja‘far as-Saadiq
87 Zakaah on a deposit paid to a school, rental or phone company, or to show commitment when entering into bidding
88 Is premature ejaculation one of the defects that must be disclosed when wanting to marry?
89 Does it say anywhere in the Quran that Allah is perfect, with no shortcomings?
90 Ruling on one who is not able to see the wisdom behind one of the rulings of Allah and thinks himself to be more knowledgeable and wiser than Allah
91 Why do we send blessings upon the Prophet and his family in the prayer and not upon the rest of the ummah?
92 Why do we send blessings upon the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him)?
93 Does saying “Yaa Muhammad” or “Yaa Muhammadaah” constitute shirk?
94 He is paralysed and finds it hard to go to the mosque
95 Is the hadith “Verily every Prophet has allies among the Prophets, and my ally is my father and the Close Friend of my Lord, Ibraaheem” saheeh?
96 Is it proven that when the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) was born, he rested on his arms, raising his head to heaven?
97 Ruling on eating foods that contain L-cysteine (E920)
98 Concealing people’s sins is a matter that is subject to further discussion
99 Does he have to offer ‘aqeeqah on behalf of himself and his children after becoming Muslim?
100 A baseless hadith about the imam interrupting an obligatory prayer when his mother calls him